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TTMT #44 | Pattern Making | 01/29/2019

Hi All!

This cold weather has me moving super slow. This was recorded then it just sat in my editing program most of the day. Hope you all stay warm and have a crafty great week!


14 thoughts on “TTMT #44 | Pattern Making | 01/29/2019

  1. Oh, those slippers are so cute!
    Those leggings ARE complicated. Here’s the free pattern I use: Not sure if you want to start over, but you may want to make her some more. The fabric you are using is really nice.
    This cold weather has everyone changing gears. Even here in Louisiana I had to be outside yesterday and it was 39 degrees and wet mid-morning. We usually get down to that only in the middle of the night. I have lived in Minnesota and Michigan, and I really don’t miss the snow and ice.
    Good to see you. Have a great week.


      1. I learned a long time ago that with one of my daughters I have to give her 2-3 choices that I am willing to tackle and let her choose–or I can quickly either get into something a lot more than a anticipated or have to disappoint her. The other one and I are usually on the same track and I can start from ground zero with her without getting into a mess. I know you’ll make her happy–once. Then you’ll have your pattern to use for sizing and can make her more from an easier pattern and surprise her…and she’ll be happy again! You know what you’re doing.


        1. I take full blame – if I had grabbed a pair from her when she was her I could have told her “oh no – give me a different pair” lol I think it will work out well, I love a challenge and my cognative abilities have always tested high, thank goodness! lol


  2. I’ve always live in Houston or West Tx so I have not idea what all that snow is! I can’t imagine having to shovel and walk through it all. Don’t worry about the mail – just keep yourself safe. Hugs!


  3. Oh, good luck with the gusset (the tiny triangle) on the leggings! I’ve not fiddled with those yet, but they can be a bit tricky to insert. Nothing wrong with going for a less complicated style in the future…but I suspect the really difficult part of the learning curve for these will be on the first pair, so making more might not be so bad.


  4. Ugh Stay warm! My oldest son is up in Minneapolis unable to work this week. He works outside and it’s just to much. I will never miss the cold. We get snow and cold here but not like you guys. Stay warm!

    You are braver than I with those leggings. Those look tricky.

    Happy Crafting and stay warm!


  5. I don’t know clothes making at all, but that looks complicated! I hope it comes together easily for you πŸ˜€

    Hoping your weather calms down soon! We’ve had a super mild winter this year, it’s kind of creepy, but we are apparently going to get hit with our own polar vortex (or whatever!) this weekend. How glad am I that I don’t work!


  6. Good luck with your leggings project. I didn’t know they were doing knits with the hp fabric too.

    I am so ready for winter to be over. And our high today was about 50 degrees! But the low was 20. My arthritis hates the cold.

    Yay for swaps!


  7. I hope you stayed warm! Here in Connecticut we only got to about -10 or -15 with wind chill, I can’t imagine -50! Good luck tackling those leggings. When people ask me about tailoring something or making clothes I tell them that I can only do straight lines, which is why I quilt. I can’t wait to see how they come out!


    1. Thanks, we warmed up… like a 100Β° increase! It’s just crazy!!! Oh I am quick to tell people I don’t make clothing for others. I make the exception for my kids and grandson tho. I couldn’t think of anything else to do with the Deathly Hallows knit but make leggings. My mistake was asking her for a pair to copy! Lol but both girls will get a pair and if there is enough left I will attempt to make my grandson a lightweight hoodie.

      Lol at the “straight line” line. I wod use that but they have seen the things I have made 😁

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  8. I love those sweet little slippers.

    Oof, those yoga pants sound much more high tech (and way cuter) than mine! You are one good mama to do all that work!

    ALL THAT SNOW. O_O The amount of cold y’all had is brain breaking to me.


    1. Thanks he loves his slippers. The other pair I made him were in his diaper bag…it was stolen from his mommy’s car in attempt to steal her SUV. Also that Michigan pullover I made him was in there too 🀨

      Those pants ate gonna give my brain a workout. Figuring out the pattern was a challenge. Now to work out the sewing order. I am a true glutton for punishment! Lol

      Yeah that snow was ridiculous! We get the extremes of each season…sometimes all in ONE WEEK! Will be glad when we all relocate.

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