TTMT Video

TTMT #35

I have been trying to upload this video since yesterday morning!! I finally found information to help me. iMovie had not been easy to learn – not many instructions. Anyway- here it is!

11 thoughts on “TTMT #35

  1. I use iMovie on my phone and you’re anaolutely right. I had to hunt down some videos and try a few things to get It to work.

    Your temperature socks looks like so much fun.

    I’ve heard once you try a laser cut quilt you’ll want to make more that way. Except like you said, It is pretty expensive. Your quilt is going to be bright and fun when it’s done.

    Mrs. Dursley would not like lime green stairs 😂

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  2. Oh oh what HP Quilt a long is that? I would love to follow that one! Can’t ever have to much Hp in the house.

    I think I love temperature socks! That’s a splendid idea.

    I am pretty much exclusively an Apple user. I love iMovie but I have used it since it came out years ago. Your video seems to be fine and the picture quality is great.

    The labor cut could make willing to appliqué. How gorgeous and the process must be amazingly fast! What a lovely thing to have from your friend.

    So Happy to hear your hubby is doing well. Hope his speedy recover continues with ease.

    Have a great week.

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  3. I’m so happy that Rick is healing well.
    That Fresh and Scrappy looks really fun! I can’t believe I missed a quilt-along! I want NO details or information to find it…I’ll end up joining and I DON’T want to do that!!!!
    The Pixelated HP also looks so fun! I have downloaded the first 2 patterns, but will not be starting it quite yet. Yours looks so nice…love that you added the letter. You’re so right about Mrs. Dursley not wanting the green.
    The temperature socks are just coming along every week, huh? Looks great.
    Those Swedish socks are just adorable! I truly admire anyone who can finish a sock. I have made ONE in my life…and it was tedious.
    Those apples are so cute. I love applique and will be doing some of that this year as I return to my long-neglected UFOs. I hope to see more of this applique as you move along.
    You had a VERY productive week. See you next week.

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  4. I am glad to hear your husband is doing well and healing quickly from the procedure.

    Your temperature blanket is coming along nicely. Are you joining as you go? I have never tried that.

    Your temperature socks are beautiful! I’m so glad I had that idea and that someone else is trying it out, lol.

    I don’t know what HP quilt a long you are doing but you are absolutely right. Petunia would not be having lime green stairs, lol.


  5. Wow Sarah! You’ve been busy. I’m way behind on videos. Did you mention where you got those different HP block patterns from? I like them.


  6. Love the progress you’re making. I’m really trying not to join in on the pixelated HP quilt, but it’s very hard!! I think you made a great choice with the staircase material, love the comment about Mrs. Dursley and what she’d allow in her house- so true!


  7. I am so glad your husband is doing well it’s horrible when someone you love is going though something. Love the cupboard under the stairs block that looks fab and I agree that Mrs Dursley would not have bright wallpaper much to strange xx


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