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Allergies, cold, whatever this is, it makes it difficult to talk for more than a sentence or two, so I’m going to skip the video this week, and just give you a brief bullet list of what’s happening here…

  • Removed Pfaff Grandquilter from the frame and set it up on a folding table to finish quilting the Bear quilt… it’s going great! This is actually the first time I’ve quilted on the Pfaff off of the frame, and it’s been fun so far.
  • coughing
  • Buying crafty stuff on amazon… like THIS and also cones of thread and also THIS . And now my holiday bonus from work (Amazon gift card) is officially gone byebye.
  • car repairs (spark plugs misfiring, oil leak, and more)… so much fun (not)

Have a crafty week!


16 thoughts on “*coughcough*

  1. So sorry you’re coughing. That’s miserable.
    The Grandquilter has gone off the frame! Yay! Glad you are enjoying that. That bear quilt still fascinates me and can’t wait to see your ongoing progress with it. What a big commitment to a relatively small thing that hopefully will make a big difference to its recipient. I just love that you are tackling this with such gusto.
    Ahhh…great use of a holiday bonus!
    Car repairs are the WORST! Sorry about that.
    Good to not see you…that didn’t come out right. Good to have you here but not really…that’s not what I meant either. So nice to hear you without your voice or photo…I think I’m digging myself into a hole here. So sorry you’re ugly coughing wasn’t up to your usual standards! There. Good as I am going to get.
    Have a great week. Fell better fast!


    1. The bear really hasn’t taken much time, because I just have let it sit there, unquilted, lol. But once I started FMQing it on the pfaff OFF the frame it’s going super fast.

      The cough is annoying. I’ve also been really tired, possibly from all the coughing, lol. So I sleep as late as I can in the hopes that I can kick this soon.

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  2. Agh, coughing is the worst. It makes all the things hurt!

    I’m so glad the Pfaff has been so fun to sew on off of the frame! Can’t wait to see that bear!

    I love that you bought a light up crochet hook. It makes me giggle. 😉


    1. I am ready for the coughing to stop. I wake up in the middle of the night unable to swallow. argh.

      It has been fun to FMQ again. And it’s going super fast. It’s not a midarm but itll do for now.

      I need to try it out! I haven’t felt like crocheting since it arrived. I hesititate to work on the granny squares in case the sizing of the hook is a bit off. So I’ll need to start something new I guess


  3. Ugh Sorry you aren’t feeling well. We have a germ in the house right now. Is it wrong that I refuse to hang out with her?

    I just bought a similar crochet set and love it! Just perfect for throwing in a bag to go and the thicker handles are the best!

    I’m excited to see the Bear panel. You gave it so much TLC to get to this point.

    Hope you feel better soon and Happy Crafting


  4. Ugh.. sorry to hear about the cough – I hope you feel better soon! Being sick is the worst.

    Looks like you found some fun stuff 😀 Those light up needles are really fun. And I bet you’ll love the lights for your machine. I’ve had a box of lights for my machine for literally a couple years and I’ve never got around to putting it on! I don’t know why because my sewing room is SO dark and I could definitely use it!


    1. I got the lights for the pfaff. I figure it’ll be helpful whether it’s on the frame or off. I’m looking forward to not having to have a clamp on lamp pointed at me making me too hot.


  5. I hear you about the coughing and not feeling well. I hope you feel better soon, although I’m on week 3 of this thing 😦 I’m very intrigued by these light-up crochet hooks! I can’t wait to hear all about them and how they work. Feel better soon!


    1. Ugh. Now it’s a VERY runny nose and massive sneezing. I have not yet tried the hooks, hopefully I’ll have the energy to do a little crochet during the game tomorrow. Right now I just want to go back to bed.

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  6. Coughing and car repairs are never fun. You have balanced your week pretty well though. New fun toys and some fun quilting. I hope that cough is going away.


    1. Spent much of the weekend napping on the couch due to many antihistimines (my nose started pouring on Friday). I will stop taking the extra allergy pills when my nose has had a chance to heal completely, maybe another day… but still managed to finish the quilting on the bear panel so I can turn it in this Saturday. Oh and I got to try out my led crochet hook during the superbowl yesterday, worked great!


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