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TTMT #80 Saturdays is Sew Day


10 thoughts on “TTMT #80 Saturdays is Sew Day

  1. Saturdays for Sewing–Iike it. A schedule is usually a good thing. That baby quilt does look “quickie” and is just really cute. You’re right, the extra strip gives it symmetry. It’s still within the baby quilt sIze range. Great use of the extras for a binding!
    I am just going to start stitching in the ditch. I have avoided it in the past, because, as you know, if you don’t hit it just right it looks bad.
    I often don’t plan my quilts ahead, and usually the “additions” required really make it so much nicer. I don’t mind binding (the first machine stitching is not my favorite). I have always stitched the second run by hand, but that’s going to change this year also. So many changes…but it’ll increase my productivity.
    Waiting to see next week’s quilt — enjoy your Saturday!

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  2. That is a really cute baby blanket. The black strip really gives it a structured look. I like it.
    My favorite part of quilting is starting and jumping from one project to another and never finishing anything!! Sort of like my knitting!
    I started a quilt called Town and Country and there was a block a day and I did free motion appliqué. It really freed me from feeling like everything had to be perfect. Working on it helped me not feel so stressed about making things perfect. I really like hand appliqué too. Takes tons of time to do but the process is enjoyable.
    It is going to be fun to see all the quilts you make as the year goes by.

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  3. Cute quilt! I love a fast and easy one. The binding will look good on it.
    I like a scrappy binding on kids quilts. I agree the black will be a nice contrast.

    I’m not sure what my favorite part of quilting is. I like most of it for different reasons. The most satisfying to me is seeing something I personally designed come to life. It never gets old to see it. There are certain types of quilts like the scrappy strips I didn’t enjoy what I was doing but that’s not often. I think the only thing I do fairly often that I don’t enjoy is the long rows. When you have a queen or larger and you are putting the last few rows together the weight/size is annoying. Even that isn’t that much of the process. Yeah I love most all of it.

    Happy Crafting

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  4. When I have done quilts that look like that (a bunch of different width strips), I have actually done them as QAYG. One piece of backing, one piece of batting, and stitch the strips down from the middle out one direction, and the middle out the opposite direction, and boom you are done.Then you can add decorative quilting inside the larger strips if you like, or not, depending on the batting. And you don’t see the needle thread at all, just the bobbin thread on the back of the quilt.

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    1. Once I purchase a roll of batting I’m sure there will be many QAYG strip style quilts being made. If I’m just sewing strips of fabric I may as well get the quilting done at the same time.


  5. What a fun project! I hope you enjoy the stitch-in-the-ditch process.

    I totally know what you mean about having a favorite batting. I started using Hobbs 80/20 because we get charity batting for Linus. It’s my go to!

    I love all the processes of quilting from designing all the way to sewing the label on! I don’t enjoy applique, so I avoid it if at all possible. Fortunately, there are plenty of other things I can do instead. 😉

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  6. Very sweet little quilt. It looks like such cute fabric.

    I don’t like basting more than anything else. I do table baste – on a pretty small kitchen table, it’s maybe 28 x 40″ – which makes it a lot better, but it’s still not an enjoyable process. I’ve thought a lot about buying one of those folding plastic tables from Costco, but I haven’t pulled the trigger on it yet. (I’m not sure I baste often enough to make it worth the while. I definitely don’t ever have enough guests to need an 8ft table hanging around in my basement.) We will see. Maybe one day I’ll learn to longarm and I’ll start renting a machine and save myself the issue entirely.

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  7. What a cute and quick little baby top! Funny…I like choosing the fabrics and piecing, and I don’t like quilting so much but I think it’s because I’m not so confident in doing it. I need to practice.

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  8. Cute baby quilt. My son has a quilt with the same jungle fabric that someone made him for my baby shower 🙂 Good luck with the stitch-in-the-ditch. That was the first type of quilting I did, and-as with most quilting- the less tense I am the better it gets.

    My absolute least favorite part of quilting has to be piecing the backs. Thank goodness for wide backing!

    Happy quilting!


  9. Like everyone else has said i like your baby quilt very cute. I am with you on colour choices i struggling what goes together, my daughter is only 7and unless it’s pink she’s not interested so not sure how much help she would be.😀 i love piecing or pOst piecing , once i have a quilt too i sort of stall and never finish things off xx


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