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TTMT #505 – Old Stuff, New Stuff

JELLY ROLL SWAPPERS  – I have received from Rainey, Robin, Jennifer R, Susan, Jewells, Abbie, & Sarah D. I’m still waiting for strips from Mary, Anita, Vicky, & Amber. Please include your signature and location on white paper (or send me a photo!) to be used on a quilt label for the swap. Thanks! 


21 thoughts on “TTMT #505 – Old Stuff, New Stuff

  1. Oh your flower quilting looks lovely. I have been sneaking in practice time on FMQ when I can. It’s such an enjoyable process. I love the computer but FMQ is more fun. I have some goals for getting more comfortable with more patterns doing it. It’s a better process for some projects.

    I loved watching your treasured finds while cleaning out for your DIY. You have some fun stuff there. I remember the Twilight craze well.

    I’m sure you will restore the quilt for your brother nicely. I inherited a few projects I need to work on like that. I have been intimidated by the process and haven’t started. I have them stored safely and I will get them done at some point.

    Omg yes to enjoy the process! I started a few projects in the past two weeks just for me to do just that! I have so many other things going on in life. I need some projects that I felt the enjoyment factor more than when I am doing to for others or specific patterns for sale, etc. I’m totally with you on that. Sometimes the pace ruins and/or purpose ruins the joy. I’m definitely embracing the “me time”on my projects in 2019!

    Happy Crafting!

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    1. Thank you! I still haven’t gotten back in there to do more flowers yet. I picked up some new thread to try so I definitely need to do at least one more charity quilt before tackling Sweet Reflections.

      I did some more room cleaning out today. Some of the things I found were moments of WHY DID I KEEP THAT!?

      Enjoy the process…let’s just keep saying it!


  2. Nope, it hasn’t been five years since you did the Princess Bride quilt along. Nope, nope, not possible. But then I haven’t done a video in very nearly two years (pause for stunned silence). It will be even longer as my brother who was our driver and general helper fell on the handicapped ramp and broke his leg. While he’s in rehab I’m taking care of our mother by myself as well as the dog. And when he gets back I’ll have two adults and a dog to take care of. Kinda giving up on crafting and making videos at this point. If I ever do anything maybe I can post a picture. Anyway, I’m looking forward to seeing what everyone does with their jelly rolls.

    Oh, and I love the floral quilting pattern, it’s awesome. 🙂


    1. I know! It doesn’t seem like it should have been five years at all. That Princess Bride quilt has had quite a journey. I’m about 20% done hand stitching the binding, so hopefully, I can share soon.

      You do what you’ve got to. You know where we are when you’re ready.


  3. Oh those flowers look great and FUN! The blocks are wonderful and I LOVE that cat!
    Kristal’s baby quilt is so adorable, and the quilting looked amazing!
    That afghan is so cute! I think I remember it. I know I made 2 Twilight quilts, and they are coming up one day in my UFO closet. I’m so happy it’s going to Linus if it’s not being used.
    I agree that As You Wish needs to be hand stitched at this time. I totally agree that between you and Jennifer R, it deserves that.
    I recently “saved” a baby quilt for a former co-worker’s step-daughter (about 4 months ago). Her muslin backing was old but okay, but the bg on the front was shredded. I know you will do it justice for him.
    Yes, LET’S ENJOY THE PROCESS!!!! I’ll be a speed-demon because I have so much time now, but I will not be rushing each piece.
    Have a great week.


    1. Thanks! I’ve been having a great time playing with free motion quilting. It’s so very zen for me!

      There are lots of things I’d like to do, but this is the year I’m determined to finish projects I’ve already started and enjoy taking my time on new ones.

      Have a happy weekend!


  4. Oh the flower quilting looks really cute. I’ve tried it once on my most recent project and it was… okay, but I think it would work better in a larger space than I had to work in. (I was doing it in part of a 4.5″ square.) It’s such a great all-over pattern though and it’s very sweet for a sweet quilt like your Sweet Reflections quilt.

    You’re welcome for the quilt of course!

    It’s fun to see the red and black afghan again. I remember that when you guys were working on it 😀

    Can’t wait to see your As Your Wish quilt. I always wanted to do that one, but I always pull back because I’ve got so danged many projects already. Someday, someday… I’ll enjoy it vicariously through you.


    1. Doing the flower quilting all over was fun and really freeing. I want to try some new thread on another charity quilt first and then I’m on to Sweet Reflections!

      I was originally making AYW for my daughter, but she’s inundated with quilts and it may just have to live at my house instead. Heh.


  5. The flower quilting looks really great! Also it was fun to talk a walk back through the past and revisit the old LJ red and black swap and As You Wish. 5 years!!!! It’s such a beautiful quilt.

    Oooh 10 year anniversary of TTMT!


  6. I love the cat Linus quilt. I like the little cactus block too.

    Way back in the day I participated in numerous crochet block swaps. I think that was when Yahoo groups were one of the “in” places to hang out. The purple afghan in my little avatar was made from a block swap. Fun times.

    I saw your pictures of your brother’s baby quilt over on Instagram. You did an amazing job saving his little blankie.

    Crafting becomes a job if you don’t enjoy the process.


    1. Well, technically crafting is my job, but I’ve had to scale back over the last year due to my foot issues. Mostly I just want to enjoy myself as much as I can and stress less. 🙂

      I used to organize and moderate swaps for Harry Potter Crafts on Yahoo groups, so I absolutely know what you’re talking about!

      I really, really enjoyed working on my brother’s quilt. In actuality, I enjoyed it much more than I expected to. I thought about our grandmother a lot during the process.


  7. The flowers came out so good! All of that doodling definitely paid off. The cat block is one of the cutest ones I’ve seen, that will be a great donation for Linus. I think you’ll find that you’ll get a lot more done when you’re enjoying the process than when you’re trying to rush to get something done, and I wish you lots of happy crafting.


    1. I’d love to go back and tell my young self the doodling will pay off someday!

      Since I’ve had chronic pain issues, I’ve found myself occasionally having to barrel through a project in order to complete it. I love creating, though, and if slowing down is what it takes, that’s what I’ll do. 🙂

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  8. Crystals bAby quilt is amazing she always does such a good job with her piecing and quilting i love her colour use go.

    Love the black and red blanket it’s looks really clsy. 10 years of this wonderful community, what an achievement.

    I can’t wait to see the As you wish quilt complete but your desk action to hand stitching it great,I would totally have machine done it and regretted it.

    Enjoy the process is going to become my new aT h word you are so right ,I often get caught up in getting loads done and forget this is supposed to be a hobby i love not something else adding pressure.

    So sad i won’t get to see you guys this year xx


  9. Seeing that sweet, colorful quilt behind you makes me smile. Adorable. And Crystal’s quilt is, as always, impeccably done.

    Your flower power stitching looks pretty darn close to perfect to me.

    Enjoy the process! I like it!


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