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TTMT #31 Sew Therapy

10 thoughts on “TTMT #31 Sew Therapy

  1. Your PP blocks all look great. I’m not a gamer, but my son is. I remember Zelda- the beeping when he was getting ready to die. It would go on and on and I’d finally yell in – GET A LIFE!! It’s a great memory for us. Daniel has now taught Grayson to play it so the love of Zelda is returning!
    I’ll enjoy watching your quilts progress.


  2. I’m not going to do Star Trek either…until I do…probably in less than 2 weeks from now. Yours looks great.
    I really like the Zelda bg. I used a lighter bg for my Hocus Pocus, and I had to be careful with a few pieces (the Salt I just let fade in, because all it did was close the canister). I’ll look great.
    Those half squares may be gong on the corners and leaving room for an interesting border. ??
    It’s interesting that the more “complex” my life stuff gets the more my projects reflect it. I still enjoy all of my projects, they just get crazier. Then when life calms down I can focus on 1-3 things at a time.
    Have a great week!


  3. I actually signed on to test the zelda blocks for gretchen years ago because my daughter has pretty much every game and loves them, but life got in the way and I never finished a single block and I had to let her know she’d have to find another tester. I actually came upon the pieces of that one block I started the other day! It’s nice to know what it actually should look like, lol. Your blocks look great, and you are absolutely right, you need something for YOU when you have so much going on. Right now that’s crochet for me. But soon it will be a quilt I think.


  4. You look super cute with your hair up, I love it!

    That is one happy design wall. So many projects! Your TOS row looks absolutely fabulous. I’ve got my TOS Enterprise ready to piece, but other things call first.

    I totally get the mental health projects. It’s no coincidence that I tend to ramp up my activity after breaks where my kids have been home. Empty house syndrome… ๐Ÿ˜‰


  5. Sew therapy is the best kind of therapy! Hang in there. Love all your projects by the way. Wish I only had 4 projects. ๐Ÿ™‚


  6. The Zelda blocks look really nice. My youngest, Robbie and Hubby have been Zelda fanatics since the beginning.

    Your Star Trek row is amazing.

    Life likes to get in the way of all the fun crafting things.


  7. I hear you on the sew therapy, I think that’s one of the reasons we love it so much. Your paper piecing is so clean and beautiful. Great job!


  8. Your star trek row along looks great and the Zelda blocks are fab. The theme of this week’s videos should be about doing what you enjoy for you, a few of us has mentioned it this week. I totally get needing to do something keep your mental health well. The mystery quilt reminds me of minions , I don’t know why. Hope all the lifestyle goes well xx


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