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TTMT 122

8 thoughts on “TTMT 122

  1. Omg the fabric for the words is absolutely perfect! I am loving the Star Trek QAL. I didn’t expect to love it so much. Your blocks look great as always. I haven’t started the words yet. I am kind undecided on the fabric for it. I may wait until all six rows are done to pick it.

    The table looked gorgeous! You are a lucky girl. Enjoy your new space.

    Feel better and Happy Crafting


  2. I’m so sorry you’re not feeling well. That is just miserable.
    I’m so happy you have a new sewing corner. Always fun to get a new habitat.
    I can’t join in Star Trek yet (no disposable–or any–income for bg fabric). But I will in a few weeks and can’t wait. You guys are having so much fun with Row 1 and they all look so fabulous. About your unidentified planet (which we should just name something scientific sounding)–I don’t hesitate to change a pattern if I want, and I would have gone back and forth between solid and pieced, but I would have finally landed (pun) on pieced because it gives it so much dimension. Yours looks so nice.
    The Trouble With Tribbles…a favorite.
    Your fabric for To Boldly Go was definitely waiting for this project. Good eye.
    To me, having the blocks for Row 1 finished is done enough to continue to Row 2.
    I’ve been following your Hocus Pocus on FB and your blocks are great. I agree that flipping your pumpkin fabric over is VERY clever. It’s the exact right color of the back of the pumpkin…how could it not be?
    Wait, you’re saying that you’re quilting along, enjoying several projects, and you see another one come along that distracts you and is so irresistible that you just start it too? That happens to you? I just am having such a hard time imagining that happening. LOL!!! I am spending way too much time in quilt shops and FB challenge pages these days, seeing shiny new objects way too often. I like your self-focus of setting boundaries. I am doing something similar with my requirement to finish UFOs this year.
    Great to see you. Feel better!


  3. Hope you feel better soon Rainey!

    The blocks are looking great as always,.. you do such nice work.

    The new table is fantastic… I’m a bit jealous but haven’t been able to justify buying myself one just yet haha.


  4. I hope you feel better soon. I’m losing my voice from coughing right now myself so I decided not to film this week.

    The new table is fantastic. I had been eyeing tables for several days before you posted that. I bet you will get many years of enjoyment out of it!

    Your Star Trek and Hocus Pocus blocks look great. I thought using a single fabric for the planet was an interesting choice, it looks nice. It’s been really fun seeing everyone’s fabric choices for that RAL:


  5. Happy design wall is HAPPY!

    I am sorry to hear you’ve been sick, it’s definitely been going around. I hope you’re feeling better.

    Congratulations on your new sewing table. I hope you enjoy it!

    Yay for your TOS row. It looks so good! I LOVE that you’re watching the ST episodes while you’re stitching. And your To Boldly Go makes me so happy. I might be biased. 😉 I had the black circuit board fabric and used it in a Borg Cube ages ago. I’ve kept my eyes open for something similar ever since.

    Your Hocus Pocus blocks continue to be cute! I love the jack-o-lantern.


  6. I really love the fabric you used on your letters and your unidentified planet. Some really great choices! Also, when you spoke about being blinded by and attracted to shiny new objects and projects I completely understood what you mean. I’m trying really hard to get through my UFOs before allowing myself to start something new. Happy crafting!


  7. The sewing table sounds awesome, I need a new table that i can sink my machine i to buy they are so expensive , you lucky lady. I love your fabric choice for body go, it’s looking amazing. I can’t wait to see your hocus pocus quilt quilt finished ,your blocks look so good.

    I totally get new project joy, it’s my biggest problem as I have so much unfinished stuff about. Hope your feeling better xx


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