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Jeanie TTMT #5

I’m still working with EQ8. KINGDOM HEART 3 released today, so not sure how much is gonna get done.

10 thoughts on “Jeanie TTMT #5

  1. What a great idea to use orphan blocks for practicing FMQ! A lot of my orphan blocks are from practicing a new technique, and you just take that one step farther. Good thinking.
    A lot of my EQ8 never needs the screen and doesn’t need to, so I understand that. For instance, my for throw from my 102 Blocks in 60 Weeks has been on my screen for a few days and I will finish the throw without any reason to print it. I just wanted to play with a layout before I started sewing the blocks together. Remember that if you DO want to show us what you’re working on, just print to pdf (actually PRINT, don’t save–but choose Microsoft pdf or another pdf “printer” instead of one that comes out). I then open the pdf and convert it to a .png or /jpeg to post). You probably already knew how to do that. I’m glad you’re getting a little comfortable with EQ8.
    Enjoy your game!


  2. EQ definitely has a learning curve. The more you use it the better youโ€™ll do. I took a long time to warm up to it but once it clicked it was fairly easy to use.

    Great use of your orphan blocks. We all have them and itโ€™s always good to se ether being used in different ways.

    Happy Crafting! And your game


  3. Hi Jeanie! I love the idea of using the orphan blocks for practice…that’s something I really need to do more of. I’m not a confident quilter. Love piecing, and picking out fabrics…don’t like quilting my projects so much. Have fun with your game!


  4. What a great idea for practice and I love your attitude if you don’t feel it don’t do it i need to remember that. I love some secret stitching xx


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