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TTMT 121

7 thoughts on “TTMT 121

  1. Ironing boards really do get gross don’t they? Mine looks burned even though I’ve never left the iron laying on it.

    The eyes on the spider are super creepy! Looks perfect ๐Ÿ˜€

    The Star Trek blocks look great. The solids are working well.


  2. That’s actually a lot of progress for a week. Just a few blocks, but major progress. Also, you have 2 complicated paper-pieced projects at the same time. That’s a LOT. I am actually making my very first quilt (that I can remember) where I am using actual solids. I have always used prints or prints that “read” solid when I want a solid color. I have used solides for certain pieces and borders and things, but never an entirely solid one. It is 2 BOWs at the same time, both done in the same 4 solids, so it’ll be a year before the blocks are all released, but I’m really liking the simplicity of the colors…since the blocks don’t entirely match and I a not really comfortable with “random” I think the 4 solid fabrics are anchoring it for me. Again, out of my comfort zone a little and that’s a good thing. So, I have been watching your Star Trek blocks come along, and I am so pleased with how they are looking in the solids, that I think we just all feel better now. lol. Keep up the great work.


  3. I can’t believe you think you didn’t do much for the week. You made some REALLY complicated paper piecing blocks and they look wonderful, You are supposed to be having fun- it’s not a contest. Those spiders look terrific and scary.


  4. I love the solids you are using for the Star Trek quilt. Everything looks so crisp and the ships really pop against that black background. Such a contrast to your Hocus Pocus quilt. The spiders really look good – especially the creepy eye!


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