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TTMT#84-Snowmaggedon BUST!

6 thoughts on “TTMT#84-Snowmaggedon BUST!

  1. The t-shirts are coming along pretty fast (may not feel like it for you). I think it’s so funny that you can’t remember the word “sashing” the same day that Susie can’t remember the word “label” – are we losing our trade vocabulary today?
    Jane’s quilting is amazing. I’m soooo excited for you!
    Those blocks you got back are so pretty. Do you just love your Accuquilt? Is it just handy or is it really a game changer? I may try to get one (no extra funds here right now).
    The disappearing 9-patch is a great idea. Glad you have blocks. I have a box full of HSTs…there was a long time when each time I had a scrap big enough I would make HSTs instead of throwing them into my paper piecing fabrics. I know one day I will need them for something, and seeing that your similar block pile has found its place in the world encourages me.
    So great to see you. Have a great week.


  2. The t-shirt quilts are really coming along. I get wanting to do your own thing – it’s hard to maintain the excitement doing things for other people – but at least they’re getting somewhere!

    Fun that you’re going to work on the Dear Jane quilt! It’s soooooo much work, so I can definitely see just doing a handful of the blocks (or whatever it takes to make something useful and lovely and satisfying). The block with the rose fabric is really lovely.

    The accuquilt blocks turned out great.. I’m forgetting the name of that block (Greek cross? That doesn’t feel quite right…), but it looks great!


  3. I like the t-shirt quilts. I think they look so much better when they are different size blocks instead all the same size in a grid.
    I learned so much making my Dear Jane. I made mine over about 10 years going to 2-3 retreats a year with a group of ladies all making the quilt. The group leader had figured out all the ways to make the blocks. I have started a 2nd one in batiks. I don’t know how many I have completed, but this time I am doing them the simplest way I can. Have fun!


  4. The t-shirt quilts are really coming along, you will be done soon and be able to get back to your own stuff.

    The Dear Jane seems way more than I would ever want to tackle, lol. I like a challenge, but not that big a challenge!

    Your charity blocks came out great. I love my accuquilt.


  5. Newt is staring at me!

    You’re making great progress on the t-shirt quilts. I loved your face when you said the first one had risque stuff on. Hehe!

    I still remember the first Dear Jane quilt I saw at a quilt show. They are absolutely mind-blowing. I haven’t seen an original, but even the modern versions are brilliant.

    All of you gals making Disappearing Nine Patches makes me want to make one, too. Hmmm, I have been cutting my scraps into charms…


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