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TTMT #79 Life Update and Finding Time to Sew

Today I am testing out the scheduling feature here on WordPress. I schedule my videos to post over on YouTube and it would be nice if I can schedule over here too. I know scheduling over here is simple but I will be using a link to a video that hasn’t gone live yet on YouTube so we shall see. If you see a grey video box no worries, I’ll pop over and fix the link. If you see a video then WooHoo!! It worked! lol



10 thoughts on “TTMT #79 Life Update and Finding Time to Sew

  1. WooHoo! It worked.
    I’m so glad Rob is in a clinical trial. Those can really help with the right drug and right test. Good thoughts going your/his way.
    Your monster strips are so cute! I would love to see a second video this week. The green squares are just great. This adult really likes it. It’s very cheerful.
    A whole quilt top! Wow!
    Great to see you.

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    1. Thank you for letting me know it worked! We’re happy about the clinical trial too. As a bonus we don’t have to worry about paying for anything which is always a blessing. He has good insurance but you never know when something random will pop up that the insurance doesn’t cover.

      Thank you! I love those monsters too. If you’re interested in more videos I post over on YouTube at least three videos a week. TTMT, WiP it Wednesday, and a tutorial sew with me style video on Fridays. I also pop up random videos when I have something special to say or show.


  2. No worries at all, your video posted fine. I use the scheduling feature sometimes and I usually just have this one set to a couple minutes later than this one.

    I know exactly what you’re talking about re medications affecting other illnesses, etc. You’ll both definitely be in my thoughts.

    Super cute and fun quilt top. I really like the bright colors!


  3. This adult loves that monster quilt too. And I’m glad you found some sew time just for you during your busy week.
    I hope the trial works for Rob. His treatments are going to be time-intensive. As the care giver, you are going to have even more responsibilities. I hope you can take some time for you. And don’t be afraid to call your kids when you need some help! When I was in chemo, Tim had to do everything – cooking, cleaning, errand running – while taking care of me. I was so glad he had his ham radio and painting to help him ease up a bit.


  4. I love the monster quilt. I like bright and cheery quilts too. It’s great to have knitting to help the time go by when you’re just waiting around. I’m sending good thoughts your way!


  5. What a cute and fun finish. It’s important to carve out some downtime and mental breaks for yourself as a caregiver, too. It’s not easy watching someone you love go through Chemo (I was there with my mom a year ago), but your positive attitude is what is going to help you both through. I will definitely keep you in my thoughts.


  6. That is a fun, great, quilt top for some young child. They will love looking for all the monsters.

    I know the iv fluid therapy helped my bil a lot with not feeling quite as bad from his other therapies. It apparently helps a bit with controlling the nausea from the chemo. Hope all the scans went well.


  7. That’s a fun little baby quilt.. I think lots of kids would love something that bright and colourful.

    Thanks for the update on Rob. It sounds like you’re managing everything as well as you can right now, but I’m glad to hear you’re taking some time for yourself to decompress a bit. I’ll keep thinking good thoughts for you both and your kids.


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