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TTMT #504 – Swaps & Tops

SWAPPERS – Please include your signature and location on white paper (or send me a photo!) to be used on a quilt label for the swap. Everyone will receive one. Thanks! 


8 thoughts on “TTMT #504 – Swaps & Tops

  1. 18 in 2019 does seem very doable for you.
    I’m so excited that you are doodling. Expanding options always feels so good! I will be learning to E2E later this week I hope (was supposed to be last week) and I just can’t wait.
    Your half planet also pleases me. The quilt-alongs are so much fun! [I say as I stare at my not-yet-finished Hocus Pocus, but I’m getting there.]
    Your sparkly shirt is so adorable.
    Boy, you’ve been busy. Organizing always makes me feel like I accomplished something and makes me ready for the next project.
    The new Linus quilt is really nice. If I come across orphan blocks I will send them to you.
    Have a great week.


  2. You will definitely get 18 done… probably before June. 😛

    I love the shirt… btw, my unicorn shirt fits perfectly! Thank you! It’s stretchy enough I think the neck will be ok, I’m going to leave it alone for now.

    I have been straightening up the project room so that I can get back there and start testing for the Fall QAL. Also trying to really clarify what can stay and what needs to GO. I also want to buy a few more dies so I can cut up some of my scraps and get those under control.


    1. Yay, I’m so glad it fits! I just screamed JEWELLS when I saw it. ♥

      It feels good to clean out and focus on what projects are really important, doesn’t it? I’ve been considering getting a tumbler block, but I’m undecided. They make great scrappy quilts, but I am also kind of just fine with squares for those, lol!


  3. Wow, 6 quilts done already! That’s pretty amazing. My 7 year old daughter happened to be sitting with me when I was watching this video and when you showed your batiks she said, “Wow Mom, she’s got more fabric than you!” Hahaha, what a great find.

    Happy quilting!


  4. What a great start to your Linus year… the nice thing about six now is you have lots of wiggle room for later when things inevitably get crazy hectic busy. I’m sure you’ll hit 18 no problem!

    The shirt if very cute.. I’m glad it worked out so well! Sometimes I hate buying kit type things that are new to me because I wonder if they’ll come out like I imagine, but I can’t imagine that turning out much better.


    1. I do like a little wiggle room! 😉

      It’s unusual for me to buy any kind of kit at all, but the shirts in the booth were SO CUTE and I got to talk to the lady who owns the business and watch her using her products so I couldn’t resist! I had planned on buying a t-shirt while in Houston, but I couldn’t find one I liked so I made one!


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