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TTMT #34 Quilting

8 thoughts on “TTMT #34 Quilting

  1. I’m still enjoying your temperature blanket…and now mathing socks! You’ll be very warm snuggling up next winter.

    I started Out of This World…and by started I mean I downloaded the first block. I haven’t decided on fabric and will probably wait a little bit on that. Yours looks wonderful!

    A pixalated HP BOW? Wow! He is adorable! Your second block challenge has great fabrics.

    Can’t wait to see your FINISHED BOW. I’ve never finished one.

    I hope Rich’s tests turn out like you want. So good to see you.


  2. Jewells is an instigator again lol. Temperature socks sound like fun!

    I hope everything goes well for you and Rich.

    It was wonderful to see all your sewing projects. I’ve been looking at everyone’s pix-elated Harry Potters and they all look amazing.


  3. Holy cow! Your quilting is as beautiful as your knitting. I really like those blocks.
    The temp socks are going to be so cute.
    I can’t believe they sent Rich home after getting there at 5:30. I hope all goes well with the procedure. Sending much love to you both!


  4. You are so welcome for the new sock project, lol. Sorry, not sorry. 😉

    I’m glad for you that you can be quilting again. Good luck with ALL THE PROJECTS. 😀

    I really love that space fabric. It’s really cute. Really. 😉


  5. Hilarious that you’re making temperature socks.. that’s awesome! 😀

    Ohh… love that space fabric and the block you’ve put it into. Gorgeous! And your HP block is great. I’ve been contemplating joining that HP quiltalong, but I’ve held off so far.


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