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Jeanie #TTMT Jan 22nd 2019

EQ8 is in a TIMEOUT!

12 thoughts on “Jeanie #TTMT Jan 22nd 2019

  1. I understand your spat with EQ8. I’ve had EQ7 for several years and still don’t know how to use it. We haven’t spoken for well over a year.
    The Harry Potter quilt is wonderful. I love the house blocks and the neutral blocks together. Very nice. I also love the idea of putting house banner corner squares in the corners of the border.
    What a great idea of making books of your quilts. That is genius! I will definitely look into that.

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  2. The Bonnie Hunter HP quilt is off to a great start. I am downloading blocks for her Out of This World and Flower Bouquet. What patternn is that? I REALLY love what you’re doing with it.

    I fought EQ8 for a few days. Actually, your singer pattern looks easier to “design” although the Fire & Ice is simpler to sew and look at. I didn’t get comfortable with it until I learned to use the snap tools better. Now I try to use just one at a time (I used to turn them all on and just go). That may help you.

    I am TOTALLY STEALING your book idea. ALthough I am a digital scrapbooker, I never thought of books for my quilts. This is possibly because I have only finished one quilt in the the last 7 years…just collecting quilt tops. Thank you for that idea. I’m not asking, since you stole my digital layout idea. Now we’re even. (You know you can take whatever you want from me I hope).

    Great to see you. Have a wonderful week.


    1. This one is this years Good Fortune. The more I look at it the more I think I’m going with the wide boarder.
      I am supposed to be working on the EQ8 now, but as you see I’m here But I’m gonna keep at it. Thanks for the tip. I’ll try that.
      I bet the collection of tops are amazing! And the longarm should help clear them out. It’s so exciting to see a dream come true!
      And steal away!


      1. Now I remember that you are doing Good Fortune. That is one that I was watching for a little bit to see if I wanted to jump in, but then I lost interest and forgot about it. But I was trying to visualize it in different (better) fabric. Yours is so beautiful that I’m thinking about it again. I do NOT need a new project on my growing list, so will enjoy yours for now.


  3. Sometimes we just need a break from our sewing but it feels good when I get back to it.

    Your Harry Potter quilt looks great. That’s a fun way to work one of Bonnie’s mysteries.

    I think it’s fun to go back and rework some of our older designs. I’ve never used any EQ programs. It looks a bit complicated to learn but I’ve heard once you figure it out that it’s a great tool.

    A quilt scrapbook is a great idea. I used to be very good about documenting on my blog but then I stopped blogging for a bit. I’m back at it now and it’s a fun to go back through past posts and remember old projects.


  4. I love your HP themed blocks for the Bonnie Hunter quilt along. So fun!

    The moved from EQ7 to EQ8 and the learning curve has been pretty big. I also redesigned some of my older patterns in EQ8 just to get the hang of it. It really does help with the practice. Don’t get too discouraged. I’ve been using it for a while and I’m still learning!

    I love your quilting book! I did something like that years ago for my first Harry Potter quilt. What a great way to keep track of your work. 🙂


  5. Thank you.I am working on the arrows now. I guess I just need to give it a bit more time.
    I am thinking about making a book just for the hocus pocus quilt. It was a huge project for me, and thinking I can fill a book easily.


  6. Wow, I love how the HP/Good Fortune quilt came out. Such great fabrics and fussy cuts. It’s funny that you shared your quilt books, as I just bought a quilt journal from Amazon so that I would have a way to document my quilts as well. Love your idea, though, as it looks so beautiful and professional.


  7. I like the idea of a narrow black stop border and then a wider one with the crests as cornerstones, that would be amazing. What a great way to use up your hp fabric!

    That’s a nice way to keep track of your quilts over the years. I meant to do something like that for the costumes I made my daughter when she was growing up. I did put a collage of sorts together in powerpoint. I’ll have to see if I can find that.


  8. The HP Good Fortune looks fantastic… such a great idea.

    I hope you find some good videos for EQ or anyway that you manage to fight your way through it… you design really wonderful patterns!

    Love the book idea for tracking your quilts!


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