TTMT Video

Jeanie TTMT #3

It’s been a crazy day!! Finally had some time to get this uploaded. Side note ..the paint with diamonds is Dr. Who not Harry Potter.

9 thoughts on “Jeanie TTMT #3

  1. I have said this a lot, but your Hocus Pocus quilt (and this is the second one, I know) is just fabulous. I can’t believe how fast you got it finished.

    Keep us posted on Harry Potter – you may inspire me to get my 2 finished. I have the house crests in the middle and then the main characters around that. I really really love them. I have so many blocks finished that I probably could just piece them together and be done with them. I also have a master plan in the box with the blocks, so I should probably look at that first (it’s actually 3 boxes just for those).

    I’m not familiar with paint-with-diamonds, but I do love Dr. Who. I will curse you if you just introduced me to another quilt I can’t resist. I’m going to look it up.

    WordPress is different. I really like it, but when I first joined I couldn’t get anything posted or read my comments (love how you call them your compliments) because I wasn’t logged in to WordPress. It looks like you have it figured out now.

    Great seeing you, and have a great week.


  2. Wow! Your Hocus Pocus quilt is just beautiful! I love the color choice for the background. I’m working on finishing up Bonnie Hunter’s mystery, and I think it’s such a great idea to do it in HP colors! I wish I were creative enough to think like that. I can’t wait to see how it comes together.


  3. I love your quilt plans, your fabrics are going to look great!

    Oh, that metallic fabric from Joann is great!

    You are not wrong, this is a prolific group!

    Your Hocus Pocus quilt is absolutely beautiful. Yay for another finish!

    ProTip for next time you record…turn your phone sideways and you’ll get a full-screen video. 😉


  4. I am so impressed with your Hocus-pocus quilts. I know you’re not a new quilter but still! Wow they are both gorgeous and you did them so fast.

    I have not heard the paint by diamonds before. That looks pretty cool. I think quilt binding and crotchet tend to be my mindless activity for in front of the Tv.

    I don’t normally have multiple projects at once in the same stage. I normally have at least one of everything. One that I’m piecing, one that I’m quilting, one that I’m binding, some designs, a crotchet project, etc. So I can work on what I have time for in the moment.


  5. Your Hocus Pocus quilt is wonderful. Just amazing. Yes to tons of projects at once! Lots of quilting, knitting and crocheting projects. Yes, I’m crazy- but retirement is supposed to be like this right? Have a good week.


  6. I can certainly see why you are so proud of the Hocus Pocus quilt, it is so impressive! Beautiful work. I’m one of those people who starts a lot of projects but I don’t always finish them. Not good. I wish I were more like you and would finish one before starting another.
    I have never heard of the paint by diamonds thing, but your Zelda is gorgeous. I hope you tell us more about that.


  7. Ooh I love the sparkly fabrics. Those could come in handy in any number of projects!

    I had not heard of paint with diamonds until you mentioned it so I had to google it. Wow there are so many patterns! I don’t think my horrible eyesight would let me work on that but I am impressed with what you have going so far.

    I generally cannot handle doing multiple projects at once. I do that all day at work, juggling a bunch of projects at once, and so my brain just cannot multi-task as much at home.

    You hocus pocus quilt looks fantastic, you did a great job on that!


  8. I know I’ve seen your more recent video, so I’ve seen the HP mystery quilt in progress and it looks fantastic.

    I’m really intrigued by these diamond things.. I’ve seen some people on Instagram working on them and they seem really neat.

    With the multi-projects thing,.. I just don’t finish much of anything, so there’s always lots of variety haha. I can’t speak for anybody else of course, but yeah. (Also, I do a lot of swaps, so lots of my random bits and pieces are from that.)

    Your Hocus Pocus quilt is just amazing. Love it!


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