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TTMT#30 Fast Top aka Sew Therapy

9 thoughts on “TTMT#30 Fast Top aka Sew Therapy

  1. You’re right, the pattern you chose was absolutely perfect for a layer cake and the squares will be great for fmq practice. I have a layer cake floating around somewhere…Hmm!

    Dragon Thumbholes… Best name ever!

    When my kiddos were still home, I did #carpoolcrochet (complete with hash tag) I used to get so much done! A lot of my charity blankets were carpool crochet.

    Ah, poor trees. I do hope they make it. 🙁

    I grew up in the country and losing power was always a state of emergency. I’m glad you guys are doing okay!


    1. I don’t think I have ever sewn a layer cake before. But it really is a fast easy and perfect practice canvas. Thank you for my prize!

      The Tween gets credit for that name. She heard Thumbholes and almost fell over giggling. So Dragon Thumbholes they shall be.

      I swear my most uninterrupted time is carpool lane. It’s all my quilt bindings for sure. I work on hexies and crocheting too. I only have to do a quarter of it as we have 4 kids in the group. Which is nice given her school is quite a haul.

      I hope they make it too. It’s been a hard year in this area. The ground is squishy with water. Normally my yard is hard as a rock. Hopefully we can avoid to many more big storms for a bit.

      I’m not to rural but compare to previous places we’ve lived it is. The last place we lived was very urban. I like being far out but man the power outages can be harsh in the winter. We’ve consider a whole house generator. Some of my friends were significantly longer. We do have natural gas which means we can cook things. That’s a huge perk!

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  2. Iced trees are always so beautiful and your photos are great. Just nice for looking at, though.

    I still love the dragon thumbholes. Fun.

    I like working with layer cakes but always feel like it’s not even real piecing because they are so big. But then I see one like yours and like them again. I have not seen wonky stars, and they are just as cute as can be. Can’t wait to see what fun you have quilting that one. It’s really beautiful.

    Great to see you. Have a good week.


    1. The ice is beautiful also slightly scary too. I was driving down the highway by me which is a two lane through the woods. It looks much like Northen Mn. That was slightly terrifying with all the trees that had fallen and many more lurching to the side covered in ice. I haven’t had a storm like this since I’ve moved here. Next time I’ll prepare a bit more. It we had lost power for long I would have run out of things fast.

      I love the dragon Thumbholes too. I would have kept them for myself but I could see how much she wanted them.

      I don’t think I have actually ever sewn a layer cake before. Crazy

      Happy Crafting


  3. Dragon thumbholes – perfect; that pattern looks like dragon scales.
    Funny that the layer cake found its way back to NC. By the way, it was purchased at Missouri Star when it was a daily deal. So you have a MSQC pattern made with MSQC fabric. Maybe you should call it the “coincidence” quilt.


  4. You chose a perfect pattern for a layer cake and the squares should be fun to experiment , er, um, I mean practice on. 😛

    The Dragon Thumbholes are so cute!

    The trees look so pretty all white, but I hope you don’t lose them. 😦


  5. The wrist warmer/thumbholes are super cute. It’s such a neat pattern.

    The layer cake quilt is sweet as well. It’ll make a lovely donation quilt once you’ve done some FMQ practice. Hoping you’ll show that when you get a chance to work on it.

    Ice storms like that are so beautiful, but so destructive! I hope the trees survive.


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