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TTMT #78 All About Babies and Giants

7 thoughts on “TTMT #78 All About Babies and Giants

  1. The Giants are looking fabulous. Don’t listen to people! Once you’ve gotten over the top of your learning curve, trust your method. You might consider using that extra fabric to make a pillow for him (or a pillowcase. There may be days when he is under his Giants on the couch/chair and a pillow could become useful.
    That grey an pink one is so precious! Funny that baby quilts are getting bigger and the babies really aren’t!
    Great to see you. All the best in your troubling times.


  2. The Giants quilt looks great. I know you’ve had a time with it, but you pressed through that an have a great result. The pillow idea is a very good one. That would also come in handy during Chemo. They have pillows, but to have your very own would be wonderful.
    That baby quilt is so cute. I think the reason baby quilts are getting bigger is because babies grow so fast. Of course even after the babe outgrows it as a crib quilt, it still comes in handy for the car seat or stroller – or as a wall hanging.


  3. There’s nothing like a cat cohost. 🙂

    Oh, there is nothing as frustrating as having to pick out quilting stitches. I’m glad you got it all sorted out and were able to make good progress on the quilt.

    You’re making me want to make a disappearing nine patch! I made a few years and years ago and it was such a fun project.

    (I wrote this comment this morning and then let the darn thing sit here all day unposted…oops!)


  4. Pretty Kitty you got there.

    Ugh I hate when I listen to others “suggestions” when my current method works well.
    Sorry you had so much unpicking to do. It does look good and I’m sure your hubby willl like it.

    I love pink and grey together.

    Happy Crafting


  5. Your husband’s quilt looks great. I have tried quilting with them up and down, and it works ok up but I prefer down with my darning foot.

    I love the little baby quilt, the pink and grey look really nice together.


  6. I used to FMQ with the feed dogs up on my old machine (because they couldn’t be dropped) and it worked, but it’s a different experience for sure. I always prefer dropping though, though.

    The little baby quilt is very sweet. Nice colours together!


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