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TTMT #33 Simple is Best (right now)

13 thoughts on “TTMT #33 Simple is Best (right now)

  1. I’ve always wanted to make a temperature blanket. Our weather doesn’t fluctuate very much each week so I’ll have to keep my temperature ranges small. Either way I’ll enjoy watching yours grow.


      1. Making socks sounds like a fun idea. I have plenty of yarn to do that. Since it’s only the 18th, it’d be easy to catch up. One year I made socks based on the wins and loses of the Cowboys and wins and loses of the teams they played, It was a bad year for the Cowboys so there wasn’t much blue and silver. I’ll try to remember to show them next week.


  2. Woo, your progress is lovely, as usual. I LOVE the mitered square blanket. It’s so beautiful.

    I’ve been seeing so many different variations on a temperature blanket and they are all just wonderful.

    Laser cut applique, I am intrigued!

    I feel like retirement is agreeing with you. πŸ™‚

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  3. Simple is good – especially when life isn’t. I love all of your yarny projects, but I think my favorite of the ones you are working on right now is the battenburg blanket.
    Hmmmm, lazer cut. Can’t wait to see the finished (or in progress) project and find out how it is done.

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  4. I love your miter squares blanket. It’s really going to be gorgeous!

    I keep seeing the temperature quilts and blankets. I think I would need to set a reminder or I would never remember to do it. They are a cool idea.

    Yay for getting back to your guild. Crafty friends are the best!

    Happy Crafting

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    1. Yes, I have alarm set for noon. I was thinking that was the best time of day. It’s not too cool from the morning and not too hot for afternoon. I thought it’d be a more balanced representation of the day, I have my list of times and colors in notes and if I’m not at home or don’t have the time to do it, I put the date by the color so I’ll know what color needs to be next. It’s working out well for me.


  5. Your temperature blanket is really coming along! So is the battenburg. You said that was crochet didn’t you? Looks like you are using some sock weight yarn. I have a couple of skeins from when I used to knit socks but I couldn’t think of any patterns to crochet with them. Would you recommend the battenburg?


    1. Yes, the Battenberg is crocheted. I am using sock weight scraps. You could use any size yarn. Are you on Ravelry? That’s where I found the pattern- Battenberg Blanket by Sandra Paul She’s CherryHeart online.


  6. I just love the temperature blanket.. so fun. I keep toying with the idea of making one, but I’ve held off. Maybe one day. It seems like a thing I could imagine myself crapping out on pretty easily, I think.

    Always fun to see what you’re working on! I really like the mitred squares afghan too.


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