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TTMT: 15 January 2019

In which I show pictures of a quilt finished in December, various quilt blocks for bees etc., and the quilt I intend to finish next.

(Also, yes. There is an air mattress propped up in the closet behind me. I didn’t want to take it to the basement after my sister was here in December, so it’ll probably stay there until she visits again in February. Though I’ll probably take the sheet off it one of these days…)

18 thoughts on “TTMT: 15 January 2019

  1. I love, love, love the quilt you made for you mum. Your quilting on that is so beautiful. I just love it.

    Oooh, I am intrigued by your hst quilt along! Your January block is lovely.

    I see your yummy blocks on Instagram and am always inspired by your prefect points.

    I am so glad to hear of someone who used their quilty wish for charity. As you know that is an idea very close to my heart!

    Have a great week!


    1. Your cellphone camera is doing really well.

      Oh my, the quilting on your mom’s quilt is awesome.

      The charmpack patchwork is shaping up really nicely. I also like your 4-patches. Don’t downplay those, they are really pretty. I like the idea of all the whites having one quilt design and the others having a different one.

      The HST challenge sounds really fun. There was a time when I was using all my scraps to make HSTs with no particular goal in mind, so I have quite a few of those. I think they are 2″.

      The Christmas blocks are also great.

      I feel like you are at the beginning of so many great quilts and at some point, we will be seeing finished awesomeness.

      I am quite impressed with how much you’ve been up to. See you next week.


      1. Thanks for the sweet comments about the quilting on my mom’s quilt! I’m definitely getting more comfortable doing free motion (and am generally pretty happy with how it turns out!).

        I actually like those four-patch blocks a lot, it was just a bad photo in a dark room… I’m kind of interested to see what the recipient does with them, she showed us a picture of a quilt done with alternating 4 patches and I think white squares… it was really sweet.

        I have so many half-finished and quarter-finished and 9/10ths-finished quilts… there’s just not enough time for them all! I hope to get at least 6 quilted this year, which for me will be a lot. It all depends on weather (I tend not to sew much in the summer!) and maybe if I learn to stop over-quilting things that would help too haha.


    2. Thank you! I was pretty happy with how the quilt for my mom turned out, though it’s not generally my favourite fabric style or pattern style, for that matter. Never again with the hexies! (And these were easy hexies!)

      There’s always a few people in the quilty wishes that ask for charity related things. There were several people this year asking for finished pillow cases (which I actually did using your hot dog method, though I never did get around to sharing the finished product… I think I have a picture somewhere so I should really do that one day!) and there’s very often people looking for charity blocks (orphan or specific ones) or fabric for their own charity quilt making. It’s kind of a weird mix of people who are asking for really rare things hoping not to have to pay OOP/HTF prices and people asking for fun and fairly reasonable things and people asking for charity things. I usually enjoy participating but shipping is getting so expensive I’m finding it harder to do. Mostly I’m shipping in Canada and fairly lightweight these days – the fortunate thing about quilt blocks is I can usually tuck a couple into an envelope small enough that they only charge the rate for sending documents, which is still around $2 to send.


  2. I adore the quilt you did for your mom. It’s simply gorgeous. The colors are great and you did a fab job quilting it,

    Yes those are called orange peel. They would look fabulous on it. You have so much negative space for the texture of your quilting, I can’t wait to see what you pick. I have gotten better about not over thinking my quilting. I still do it sometimes, especially when someone gives me a “quilters” choice top. Regardless of how much time I spend in my always turn out great.

    I need to do more swaps. I really enjoy them.

    Happy Crafting


    1. Thanks Jennifer! It’s so long since I posted this video that I can’t remember what I said about the quilting, but when I started quilting it, I was using a walking foot and had done 3 lines with 1/4″ spacing, then 3 with 1/2″ spacing and then 3 with 1″ spacing around all the hexagon shapes and it was taking SOOOOOOO long, which meant I gave up on it for a long, long time. When I came back to it, I used a ruler with a free motion foot so that I didn’t have to turn the quilt a million times to get my nine rounds around each haha… So much faster! I did the free motion stuff in the centres of all the open hexagons because I couldn’t decide what else to do with that space… I really like how it turned out!

      Tomorrow I’ll post a video with my finished quilt with the orange peels… I really like how it came out! And the orange peels were much quicker (and lead to a softer quilt) than my usual tendency to over-quilt everything! Still squeezed in a little FMQ though!

      Swaps are a lot of fun… the downside is how much time it can absorb from other projects you want/need to do 😀


    1. Thanks! I was really happy with how the quilt turned out, and I think my mom liked it too! (I just hope she uses it!)

      The quilywishes on IG is a lot of fun! I’ve sent away tons of fabric and had a little come in as well. I like doing a couple charity based ones each year too, if I can!


    1. Thanks! I have a lot of bad piecing sometimes too, but I don’t share those any too close up haha… I think I’ve gotten worse with my points over time, I used to be SO precise when I first started sewing… I’d draw on the quarter inch before sewing so that I could keep everything exact. So much work!


    1. Thank you! I’m not much of a pattern designer myself… I think I’m maybe just drawn to things that are a little bit unusual (although I my favourite block is always the churn dash,.. so traditional!). The quilt pattern on the one for my mom was designed by a Moda fabric designer when Moda was trying out a hexagon shaped pre-cut… they don’t seem to make them any more! (Or maybe they do and I’m just not looking for them! I don’t love doing hexagons, that’s for sure!) It’s an awkward pre-cut to use… I still have two more from another line and I just can’t imagine wanting to use it


  3. All of your blocks and quilts are, as usual, beautiful. I love your mom’s quilt so much! You have a way of taking traditional blocks and making them unique and very special.


  4. Oh I do love the quilting on your mom’s quilt. I love the pattern AND the quilting. Your quilting is so beautiful. Did you handpiece those sections or do y seams or is that applique?

    You swap blocks look great and definitely plenty christmasy. And it’s nice someone asked for blocks to make charity quilts. And lovely that you granted her wish!


    1. The hexagons where all sewn together from 1/4″ in on each joined up line, and then you used freezer paper templates to press the seam allowance under and it was all appliqued on the ground fabric. It’s hard to explain without making it sound too complicated, but it was pretty easy to put together! I machine appliqued all of them because I don’t really have patience for the handwork, haha. The pattern was designed by Vanessa Christensen to use the hexagon pre-cuts that Moda was pushing at the time… they seem to have disappeared so I guess they weren’t very popular.

      There’s always a few people who ask for charity things for the quilty wishes thing on Instagram. I usually try to do one or two charity wishes each year, though usually I send out fabric rather than made things like blocks.


  5. I thought I was only a month behind on my videos, but apparently I’m 8 months behind. I LOVE the quilting you did on the hexagon quilt. I love all the colors you use together. I really like the the top with the random squares. I think I’m going to try that!


    1. Sometimes when I get too far behind I just go back one month and let the rest go. (Or else I open a new tab for each person and work my way back one person at a time.) And then I typically only comment on a couple of the videos, instead of all of them, which I try to do when I’m watching weekly. Anyway, thanks for the nice compliments!

      The random squares is a nice way to use up charm squares and you can make it as big or small as you like… I figured out what size I wanted to make (that I could make using a layer cake of white, cut into quarters, plus however many charm squares I was using) and only cut out that many. I tried throwing all my squares into a bag and sewing things together in whatever order came out, but they still kind of clump together in whatever way they’re cut, so I think I put them in a biggish box, shook the crap out of them and did it that way. It’s been a long while, but I think I did pairs and then randomly joined pairs etc until I had rows the right size. If it felt like I had too many white or print in a row, I’d go look for something different. It’s hard not to want to group favourites or good colour combos or whatever, but it was kind of nice mindless sewing when I could make myself let go of placement.


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