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TTMT#82-Yay! Snow day!

kaffe tula quilt

So I think I fixed it to my liking. I really looked at it and took out the blocks that had a lot of purpler and orange. I looked at the first block I made which was the flying geese and went with keeping it primarily blue/pink/yellow.

12 thoughts on “TTMT#82-Yay! Snow day!

  1. Snow day? Huh. I spent the morning mowing grass and blowing leaves. We have been in the 70s for so many weeks that everyone’s grass is high. Glad you’re enjoying your sew day.
    I really like the blocks behind you. That’s a lot of blocks! I understand liking something but it not feeling right yet. Once you get it all sorted out you’ll love it. I also agree that the designer’s version is not balanced. You might decide it’s okay, or you may “improve” on her pattern.
    The HP fabric bag is adorable.
    In Minnesota, I had a choice of shopping in Fargo (1 hour away) or Minneapolis/St. Paul (3 hours away). I understand not having a Joanne’s, Michael’s, etc. Sometimes Walmart and Amazon are the best bet. That stabilizer is a GREAT buy.
    When I see batiks I always want to buy them, and then I think I have too many, but I use them for everything, so no problem. Wonderful tree bark. And bucket. And greens…and….. That “skin tone” looks similar to one I am using in my Hocus Pocus, and it photographs as a solid.
    My very first quilt EVER is a cathedral window. That ombre is PERFECT! I had a picture in my head until you said round. Round? Can’t wait to see that. Binding would be easy-peasy…no corners…like a table centerpiece or tree skirt.
    I eagerly await update on all your fabulous projects.


      1. Otter Tail County. I own a 115-year-old farm in Pelican Rapids on Lake Lida and a house in Fergus Falls. I’ve had the farm a little over 20 years (it became just mine in the divorce) and the house for over 7. I only lived there full time for 4 years while one daughter was in high school and the other in college (Carlton). Prior to that the farm was just my retreat. I keep in touch with friends and my ex’s relatives in MSP.


  2. I like what’s happening on the wall behind you. I’m sure you’ll find a balance you like.

    Oh can ask what stabilizer you bought? I am slowly warming up to Walmart. It’s big in the south. Having grown up in Minnesota- the home of Target, I have reluctantly been shopping at Walmart. But I am finding they often have what I can’t find elsewhere.

    I’m not a huge fan of making T-shirt quilts but I’ll do it for the right person.

    I think the sugaring wall hangings would sell well during the season.
    Yours are very pretty.

    Happy Crafting


      1. Thanks for the link! When we lived in Pennsylvania the Target was an hour away. No Amazon, not gps. We had one crappy little KMart. Man everything was a drive! Now other than my grocery store I’m about 30 minutes or more from most things, but Amazon has made that easy compared to my Pa days.


  3. How nice to get a bonus snow day/sew day. I need to get back to my room and sew. I’ve been watching an awful lot of Midsomer Murders instead of sewing. Although it did allow me to finish my crochet blanket, so I won’t say it was utter craftlessness. 😉

    I really like the fun bright colors. I don’t know if you are planning to put sashing but if you are, black would be AMAZING with all those brights. anything dark really, navy blue or a dark brown. It’s very cheerful and bright.

    Looks like you got some great, useful tonal fabrics. I think they will work well.

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  4. I agree that the quilt you’re making is going to be lovely; I’ll bet you get it sorted the way you want it in no time at all.
    Cute pouch; very colorful and fun.
    The fabric! Wow! I love the hombre for the cathedral window and all of the gorgeous batiks. I remember the quilt you made last year and those fabrics are going to be perfect. That quilt is very near the top (if not on top) of my list of my favorite of your quilts.


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