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TTMT #31 Quick Hello



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8 thoughts on “TTMT #31 Quick Hello

  1. I’m glad the doctor approved the procedure. Doctors appointments are great opportunities to do handwork, and your knitting is really progressing. I’ve been doing a little gardening here, but it sounds like a whole front yard of cleaning out and mulching would make anyone sore. I was just mowing and blowing/bagging leaves. All the magnolia trees have dropped their old leaves, so it was those big, stiff, thick leaves that don’t bend.
    Glad you checked in. Have a great week.


  2. Oh, my gosh, your knitting is so pretty! I always love seeing what you’re working on!

    Oh, I need to get out and do my front yard, too. It’s a mess of leaves that have blown off the neighbor’s tree!

    I’ll be thinking good thoughts for your fella and his medical procedure.


  3. Oh to be outside doing flower beds! I never minded that part of Houston. NC isn’t exactly north but it’s not that warm.

    Yay I glad he got the all clear. That’s good news!

    I love your knitting. It’s always just gorgeous!


  4. I love your knitting! With our high temps finally rising consistently into the 40s I was comtemplating getting out the weedwhacker and rake this weekend but now it’s raining all weekend off and on so guess that will have to wait. Whenever we get our first freeze, generally in early November, our tree just DUMPS all its leaves so we have to rake them up then so they don’t blow all over, but any leaves that fall into my front flowerbed stay there as mulch until at least April or May.

    Your handwork looks beautiful as always. Is that a single variegated yarn you are using in the battenburg or are you changing colors. I am sure you probably said in your last video but I can’t remember, I’ve slept since then. 😉 Those colors would work great for a vest. I am thinking of starting one either knit or crochet to wear over solid tops for work. Just something simple. If you know of a simple pattern feel free to send me a link.

    Good thoughts for your husband’s procedure!


    1. The yarn for the Battenberg blanket is a lot of scraps from sock yarn tied together. It’s like free yarn! You should go to to see all the patterns they have, I’ve never made a vest.


  5. Your Battenberg blanket is so full of fun colors. I put a pause on my Northeasterly blanket. I think I’m going to try again but with some worsted weight yarn instead. I already have my mitre square sock yarn blanket so no need to have two of the same weight yarn. Maybe it will go easier in a larger yarn weight.

    It’s great to hear that your husband has cleared the tests so he can move forward. Sometimes that can be the largest hurdle to get over.


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