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TTMT #293 – jewells68 – January 8, 2019 – Beary Busy

In which I talk about the bear panel quilt in progress and the sideways shell that’s nearly finished. Easing into the New Year one project at a time.

14 thoughts on “TTMT #293 – jewells68 – January 8, 2019 – Beary Busy

  1. That silly ol’ bear has turned into quite a project. I admire your tenacity. VERY impressive numbers. Great to see you…have a great week.


    1. I think what I love is not only do we do a LOT of blankets, we really take care to make them well. If we were sloppy we could double our numbers but that’s not the point and it’s not a competition. That’s what makes me even more impressed that there are so many. Not bad for a bunch of (mostly) old ladies!


    1. I have not touched that quilt since Sunday I think. Need to stop watching a full Midsomer Murders after dinner every weeknight. Tends to cut into my crafty time, but it’s a lovely escape after a day at work.

      Sideways shell is done and washed and bagged up to keep the cat hair away. I will label it tomorrow when I can lay it out on a table in a cat-free environment, lol.

      I love this sweater too. It’s getting pretty fuzzy, I wear it at least once a week. Great thrift store find last year.


    1. I’m happy that we were so productive last year. And happy to turn in the sideways shell. And happy I didn’t bring any more fabric home, although I did bring home some small leftover yarnballs for my next crochet blanket.


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