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Ttmt #29 New Year New Things

15 thoughts on “Ttmt #29 New Year New Things

  1. I love your green pinwheels. I really like the border too. The quilting is what takes a simple quilt and turns It into something stunning!

    I really enjoy the crocodile stitch. That stitch does take a few tries to “get It” but once you do then it’s a breeze. The extra yarn should keep your hands toasty warm.


    1. Thanks

      I am enjoying learning the crocodile stitch. I need more small things I can carry around with me. I find it calming and a good distraction when I am in hurry up and wait places. Plus the pattern is super cute dragon thumb holes.


  2. It sounds like you’re really enjoying yourself as you figure things out. That’s good.
    That pinwheel hanging is GORGEOUS! I’m looking at the Handiqulter, and they signed me up for weekly meetings…my first one is Thursday. One of the things I want to try first is piecing on the longarm. That seems like it would fit right into my comfort zone. I can even express has impressive those pinwheels are!
    Your crochet looks fun. I really like to crochet because of its mindlessness. On roadtrips it makes me feel like I’m doing something useful and not just entertaining the driver.
    Clearing out can feel really refreshing. I’m glad you were able to do that. My dad volunteered at Habitat for years (supervising the store), so that one is close to my heart. The 3 moves before my last were accumulating. This last one I came with nothing. What a different feeling.


    1. I really am enjoying it. It’s a super satisfying thing to do. I haven’t tried piecing on it. I guess I can’t imagine the process would be faster than my domestic machine. I pretty consistently have a quilt on it, whether it’s mine or someone else’s. So it’s rarely empty long enough to try to either.

      I’m sure that is a crazy feeling after accumulating over time.


      1. I don’t think it would be any faster (and I would love to always have something on mine when I get it, but I don’t know if that will happen very quickly). When I have several blocks that are the same–like your pinwheels–and I want them to really line up and be exactly the same, I will make them on my embroidery machine (Brother PE770). What I like about it is that you can just hit start, grab the next piece and lay it down, hit start, and so on. The problem with that is the size limit. Great for small blocks but a longarm should allow you to do really big blocks, and also to line them up 12 feet across and do a whole row of them. I may be imagining this, but what I picture is 10 12″ blocks in a row, lay down 10 pieces, hit start, lay down 10 more, hit start…and make 10 at a time. I don’t know if it’ll actually do that as I see it in my mind. I’ll ask.


  3. That “simple” green and white quilt is stunning! The quilting is exquisite.
    And the fingerless gloves are beautiful. I like that the pattern is so puffy and will make them extra warm.
    Wow and getting so much clearing out done. Sounds like you have a lot less stress and have found some excellent charities to give them to. There will be a lot of folks who will benefit from those donations.

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    1. Thanks lady
      I am pleased with it. I had decided to challenge myself more on it and I am very happy how it turned out.

      Yup they are all pretty solid charities and I can feel good about getting the stuff off to a better place.


  4. LOVE the green and white pinwheels. There is something about pinwheels, simple shapes though they are, that just is so beautiful, especially after they are quilted. And the quilting is AMAZING.

    I feel you on the accumulation of stuff. 5 years ago we cleaned out my mom’s house to sell after she passed away. I still have yet to go through a bunch of stuff I brought to the house. It was all stuff that I didn’t want to sort in a rush. but it’s just been sitting in a box since I brought it home. 2019 is the year it gets put away or given away.


  5. It’s so refreshing to start giving stuff away. I was feeling the guilt of having things I don’t use but also a burden of being given things I never really wanted. I am happily finding new homes for the stuff. We just got a lot of stuff when my parents sold their house. We got more when my in laws passed away and it had so much emotional connections to it. So it’s been a slow process but I got it started anyway.


  6. Love the green and white quilt. I can’t even imagine being able to quilt with such detail. It looks wonderful. 6 different houses!- We’ve been in the same house for 40 years! Just love living near downtown. Glad you had fun with your family. Happy New Year


    1. It’s been the nature of my husbands career. I guess it would seem crazy to some but we’ve had quiet the adventures together. Each place has brought wonderful people and things into my life. I know sounds nuts but I do t mind it. I grateful for the journey we’ve taken. The internet has obviously made it easier. I keep in touch with the people in my life. It was definitely harder before the explosion of social media.

      Happy New Year

      PS Thanks for mentioning Ravelry. I wasn’t familiar but I’m loving exploring it.


  7. I felt very fortunate that I was already on Etsy. It does have fees, and you can’t post freebies, but another designer sat down and figured out that the Etsy fees she was paying were comparable to the PayPal fees she was paying. That made me feel much better about just staying there for now. I’ve got a lot of paid content that’s not on there, and I need to edit the actual patterns because I have Craftsy links in them, but I will get there. One. At. A Time.

    I love the quilting on your green quilt! It makes a great wall hanging and what an awesome idea for showing what you can do in such a great, visual way. I’ve been looking into some free-motion quilting tutorials because I want to try all the things and expand my tendency to meander/stipple on everything.

    Your traditional piecing is definitely coming along! Nothing like practice.

    My house was full of gaming, too. I gave up playing years ago because it was either get better at gaming or spend that time sewing. Sewing won! I feel like we live somewhat parallel lives…

    Love your thumbholes in progress, very fun!

    Holy beans, that was a lot of furniture to clear out! I can imagine it was a huge relief! Clearing out makes me feel so very good. Yay for you!

    I can’t wait to see what everyone chooses for their swap fabrics!

    Well, that was a long comment. 😉


  8. Ugh I made the mistake of putting social media links and Craftsy logos in my patterns as well. So I will go back to fix them, but I will piecemeal it overtime.

    So check out the HQ’s education site. They have a video series called Minute Motifs that covers learning new designs or techniques. The often have a pdf you can print of the little design. Just helpful stuff. You don’t need to own a HQ to use the site.

    Ha ha ha we do kind a live oddly parallel lives. I actually thought about that at one point over break when my Geek was home. I always thought he would major in physics because he loves it so much. He decided he didn’t want to ruin his love of Physics by doing it as a job. He is majoring in Chem & Math. Which isn’t Math = Physics and Physics = Math but ok.

    I still played Zelda but not for long periods of time. It’s the one game all 3 of my kids love. We kind go bit crazy when we have a new version. I am pretty sure we have every version ever made.

    My purge continues and it really does feel good to do it.

    Happy Crafting


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