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TTMT #2 I did it!!

My Tuesday is gonna be crazy busy, so I decided to go ahead and upload a video. I stumbled a bit, but not bad for my first time.

7 thoughts on “TTMT #2 I did it!!

  1. Welcome again! It’s nice to put a voice and face to the name and quilts. I think the ones you aren’t happy about still look fine color-wise, but f it will bug you and the quilt is for you, go ahead and redo. You don’t want to be annoyed when you look at it, lol. I love the green background fabric.


  2. Welcome face to face. I agree with Jewels is no e to have a voice and face to match the quilts. I love you Hocus Pocus Quilt. I so wanted to do it but just didn’t have time. You are doing an amazing job! Fandom paper Piecing is completely addicting. It’s hands down my favorite thing to do!

    I agree with the Black looks so much better and I think you’ll much happier with it in the end. Whenever you put that much into a project it’s worth changing something to be happy with it in the end. The GOT fabric was perfect for the mop and it’s like a little Easter egg for a fan to find in the quilt.

    You will love EQ8. It can take a bit of time to learn it but it is really great once you do.

    Welcome Again and Happy Crafting


  3. Oh, I love the three pairs of books under the cauldron. What a fabulous idea. I really liked your border on your digital layout, but when you held it up…I agree that the white is just not right. The black is just beautiful and I would go with that (but it’s yours….just my opinion). I had to order more background. I got 5 yards initially (I’m using 6″ blocks), and will run out today. More is coming tomorrow.
    You can use your blocks with words to make pillows (throw pillows if it’s a wallhanging, and bed pillows if it’s a quilt). You can make the rest of the pillows black to pull them back into the color scheme.
    I’m so happy you’ve joined us.
    On your Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt, make sure you download all of the free patterns before February 1. At that time they will be available for sale.


  4. So nice to have you in our little group. You have really been supplying eye candy for us to enjoy.

    I am so addicted to Fandom/Sewhooked patterns, I really have trouble getting excited about any traditionally pieced quilt. That’s why so many of my UFOs are traditionally pieced.

    I can’t believe how quickly you’ve made the Hocus Pocus quilts. That is quite a lot of work in a very short time. I like the background fabric you used on your quilt and agree that the border in black is perfect. (Oh, and my new term for deadline is “suggested completion date” (or SCD).


  5. Yay, I’m so glad you figured out how to post your video!

    I’m so delighted at how happy you are about the Fandom in Stitches shirt. It makes sharing so much fun for me!

    Your Hocus Pocus quilt is looking so good! I totally understand how fandom quilting takes over your life. It has certainly taken over mine! I find it is a huge help when designing if I have someone else test my patterns. That second set of eyes can see things that we miss because we know what we meant to do!


  6. Welcome again! It’s great to see you here!

    Your quilt looks AMAZING! I really enjoyed all the fandom inspired pieces in your last video, so it’s really great to see it a little more close up in this video.


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