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TTMT Jelly Roll Swap

For those of you folks already planning your jelly roll strip quilt, I wanted to share this week’s Missouri Star tutorial. It looks like a really fun way to use up strips AND orphan blocks in the same quilt!

Do you already have an idea what you will be doing with YOUR strips? How about we share here to inspire each other… what do you say?!


18 thoughts on “TTMT Jelly Roll Swap

  1. Missouri Star’s big emphasis has always been using pre-cuts (which they’ll gladly sell to you of course!), and they have a ton of great videos. This one looks particularly useful. Thanks for sharing it!


  2. As soon as I saw this design I knew I would be making at least one. I like that it’s adjustable depending on your orphan block sizes and you can use more than one size block.


  3. I have my quilt top done. Yes and I’m quilting it now. I’m on vacation this week. My mother in law is having surgery so I’ll try to find a time when I’m not at the hospital to make my TTMT. It’s my log cabin that we swapped not the jelly roll yet!


  4. I’m not doing the swap this year, but it’s going to be fun to see what everyone makes. I might finish up a jelly roll quilt I have in progress just in solidarity haha but we will see 😀 Mine is just a jelly roll race (made larger by using two jelly rolls), so nothing terribly exciting. I do like the idea of this one though, it’s a sweet way to use up some orphan blocks and you could cut your own jelly roll strips so that you could bring together orphan blocks that work together but don’t necessarily have the same colour scheme.


      1. Haha.. I don’t disagree about the jelly roll race quilts! They can be a little…. boring. Mine is all solids in a sunrise and sunset colour palette, so lots of oranges and yellows and… well. We will see how it turns out (if I ever get back to it ahem).


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