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I  tried to make a video yesterday but coughed and sneezed all through it so I ditched it.  I have the end-of-year crud but hope it will be better in a few days.  Garrick’s first birthday party and Vanessa’s 41st will be on Saturday and I really don’t want to miss them, but I’d rather miss them than share this.  Okay, enough whining!

I had a lovely Christmas; Vanessa and Pat hosted it for the first time this year and did a great job.  They had the house nicely decorated and the food was great. Some of us brought sides and desserts to add to it and it was a veritable feast!

Our first family photo since Vanessa and her mom joined the Pepper clan was taken that day and I’m going to post it here.

Jennifer, I’ve pulled 8 or 9 fabrics from my stash to choose from for the swap.  I am really looking forward to this as well as the Star Trek row-along. Tim has been a huge Star Trek fan since the original debuted and I haven’t ever made a quilt for him.  I don’t know how I’m going to keep this a surprise, but I’m going to try.

1) Our little family:  Marianne, Chris, me, Tim, Vanessa, Pat, Garrick
2) My Pepper Men: Tim’s brother David, Chris, Tim, Garrick and Patrick (Garrick was either very sleepy or singing Christmas carols)

4 thoughts on “TTMT 1/2/19: HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  1. Happy New Year to you, I hope you feel better soon!

    sounds like you had a lovely time with the family. Take care of yourself so that you can get back to crafting (and babysitting) soon!

    Looking forward to the swap. And the Missouri Star tutorial this week would actually be a great way to put those strips into a quilt and also throw in a few orphan blocks.


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