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TTMT #31 Happy New Year

9 thoughts on “TTMT #31 Happy New Year

  1. Boy that shawl is getting big! The temperature blanket sounds fun.
    Contemplate. I like it…you’ll contemplate using that for us I hope.
    You’re going to be busy!
    I looked at Pat Sloan’s new project, and will decide tomorrow if I am going to join. I really do not need a new project, but if it’s one I just absolutely can’t resist I might have to.
    Happy New Year!


  2. Contemplate – great word. I’ll be thinking of my 2019 word. Hmmm.

    That shawl is absolutely lovely! And the temperature blanket sounds interesting. It will be fun to see how it grows Have a grand time this week with the grands. Happy New Year!


  3. Can’t wait to see your temperature blanket… I always love watching those grow. So pretty.

    The shawl is looking nice… are you happy with the advent experience? I’ve thought about getting a non-chocolate advent, but I’ve never pulled the trigger because I worry too much about not liking something I’ve spent a bunch of money on. This one seems like it’s got some pretty colours and the shawl looks nice.

    Happy New Year!


    1. I have always enjoyed my yarn Advents. Of course every color is not my favorite, but that’s ok. I also found on Etsy (Stardust Homemade Crafts). It comes from England, but it’s very affordable. Not a huge amount of yarn so if I don’t like it, it doesn’t matter. Also, it just gets mixed in with other yarn.


  4. The shawl is coming along nicely. And the battenburg blanket is pretty also. Enjoy your grandkids and “contemplate” all the quilts you will make. 😉 Happy New Year!


  5. Your Advent shawlmis beautiful! Great job keeping up on It each day. I’ve always loved the idea of a temperature blanket but I would really need to adjust the temperature color range otherwise It would always be hot hot hot down here lol.

    Your word of the year is a good one. I’ve neber been able to come up with a word that would last me the year.


    1. I adjusted my temperature range too since I’m only using 10 colors. I put 1 color for 96 and above and then 4 to 9 degree spans for the middle temps and then 40 and below for the colder temperatures. I didn’t show it, but I have used a lot of colors in just the first 9 days. It’s just amazing the shifts we live through.


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