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TTMT #40| Deja Vu | 12/26/2018 [yes I know… I’m late]


OMG – I swear I am losing my mind!!! I recorded this on 12/26 [for the Christmas Day TTMT] and I explain the day late recording in the video… but in my search for an editing program for my laptop I ended up getting nothing done, then forgot to come here to post the YouTube upload. I am so out of practice!

So I have some work to do getting used to a whole new set-up, but here it is better late than never!!! Oh yeah – excuse those ‘credits’ slides at the end – forgot to delete them.

Here is a link to my daughter’s Instagram that she posted after Christmas!


I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas!

4 thoughts on “TTMT #40| Deja Vu | 12/26/2018 [yes I know… I’m late]

  1. Belated Christmas/New Year’s wishes! It’s nice to see you again! (I’m so slow watching videos though that I’m only catching up half a month later!) I don’t think I ever commented on Instagram but I loved those posts you did about Kwanzaa – it’s not a holiday I know a lot about so it was so interesting to have each day explained!

    The bags are really gorgeous! The sew Sweetness patterns are pretty great, aren’t they? Sometimes all the work ever, but they come together really nicely.

    Love that picture your daughter posted! The little present hat is awesome. What a great surprise 😀

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    1. Habarigani!!! Kwanzaa is very interesting as it is non religious and can be celebrated by anyone. I love how it focuses on the basics and not materialistic things.

      Thank you! I enjoy making the bags a lot… I do miss quilting so I have to start adding a bit of that in between! Sew Sweetness patterns are great – and she has something for every budget… from free patters and videos to either print patterns / pdf patterns / videos / pattern video bundles!

      My daughter – what can I say?! She logged her entire journey/surprise and made an awesome full length video for us, and an edited version that she posted! She really made the holiday for us all! Best gift is to have all my babies under one roof!

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