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TTMT #79 Fidget Pillows

Hello, I made this video end of November already, but only getting around to posting it now. Have sewn since then, but nothing I can show yet.

9 thoughts on “TTMT #79 Fidget Pillows

  1. The fidget pillows are excellent.
    Thanks for reminding me about my UFO Board – I need to look at that and see how I did. I do better when I don’t plan, but I’d like to see how I did…I’m starting to “plan” for 2019.
    Yes, please, show us your progress as you go.
    Have a great week.


  2. It is so good to see your beautiful face. I do understand that you have so much going on that you can’t post often, but please try to keep in touch. Showing your progress on a project is a great way to do that.
    Those pillows are wonderful! All the textures and gadgets are perfect. Have a great week and I hope to see you next week.

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  3. There was a long period for me where my goal was to post every 4-6 weeks. Basically what I learned from that is the longer you go without posting, the easier it is to continue not posting. 😉 Hopefully you will come up with a schedule that works for you and also lets us get to hear from you regularly, if not weekly.

    I have decided I need to come up with a totally different type of project tracking. I haven’t decided what that will be. My space is limited, but I would really like something I could have up on the wall all the time and could see easily. So i will think on it. Meanwhile, the current board generally stays behind my shelf all the time except when I update it, which doesn’t happen often. So i plan to do a final update on it for my last video of 2018, probably sometime next week. Hopefully by then I’ll have a plan for my new way to track both unstarted and unfinished projects.

    The pillows are interesting. I am not sure I caught exactly what they are for, whether it is children or the elderly. I lost that in there somewhere. Are you just making them up as you go along or are you following a pattern?


  4. Wonderful fidget pillow. I would love to see your progress on things instead of waiting for a finished item. I agree with Jewells, if you wait too long to post a video you’ll always find a reason to wait even longer and before you knot it 6 months have sped right by.


  5. The fidget pillow looks really lovely… lots of interesting things to touch and play around with and they look nice as well.

    I do hope we’ll see a little more of you this coming year. Like you I think I need to show more of the in progress stuff rather than always waiting till I have something finished to show. It’s harder to come back as the time grows between one video and the next, isn’t it?


  6. I am so behind on commenting! It was great to see your face again. The fidget pillows are just wonderful. I’ve done similar things for kids. What a great idea to make them for adults. Just wonderful!

    Star Trek stuff is coming…promise! I’ve drowning in updates because of Craftsy, but I’ve put it on my to finish list for this week.

    I really hope we get to see you from time to time. I always enjoy hearing what you’re working on.


  7. I’m so far behind on videos. I love the idea of the fidget pillows. I’ve been toying with making some for a charity project.


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