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TTMT #500 – Time Turner

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7 thoughts on “TTMT #500 – Time Turner

  1. Ooohhh….it’s like watching you grow up! CONGRATULATIONS on #500.

    The batik Linus quilt is really nice. Love the crochet also.

    Sure, hit 500 and then start slacking with no video next week!!!! Have a fabulous Christmas and enjoy your family.


  2. What a fun little video! Congrats on 500! Nice milestone.

    Pretty little crocheted blanket. I’m glad you have found (thanks to Amber) a usable hook. And the batik quilt is beautiful.

    You two look pretty darned awesome as The Pirate and the Parrot. (Nice name for a book/tv show/movie.) I’m glad you had such a good time.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family!!!!


  3. Congrats on #500!! I am rapidly approaching #300 but it will arrive in Jan or Feb. I will have to steal your idea for my intro… because I am a sheeeeeeep. 😉

    I still think it would have been totally hilarious for you to be the pirate and Eli the parrot… both your costumes turned out great. I’m glad everything worked out and there were no costume emergencies either right before or during the party, those are the worst!

    I will probably do a quickie video one day next week just to say hi. Maybe Friday. It will probably be my last one for the year, so I want to do a wrap up with my project board. I’m planning to make a new one for 2019 so it will be my farewell to the current board.

    I love love love those crochet hooks. I still have issues with my crocheting though. They don’t help with my wrist, but with my arthritic fingers. Even with my wrist supports on my right thumb keeps going numb. i just really have to limit my crochet time, sadly.

    *glomps* I know what else you will be doing besides hanging with your family… maybe using that new thing you teased about. 😛


  4. Congratulations on 500 videos!! That’s a crazy amount of TTMT videos. I’ve watched a good chunk of them. When I run out of videos to watch I like to go back and watch your older videos.

    I love Batik Row! Such a sweet little quilt.

    MERRY CHRISTMAS to you and your family.


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