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TTMT#79-It’s a pillowcase Christmas!

No video tonight. I had a meeting after work and I’m just beat. I worked on 9 pillowcases yesterday(Porgs,pups,football,deer, Elsa) finished up the other 4(Outlander) I had started and finished putting the binding on the Christmas tumbler quilt and the “vintage” Christmas hexagon quilt topper. I’ve also started watching the Hallmark channel…not sure if this is a good thing or not, but it put me in the holiday spirit!


8 thoughts on “TTMT#79-It’s a pillowcase Christmas!

  1. Awesome pillowcases. I still have to make 12 of those. They have been my wrapping paper of choice for the last 3 years. I just hate to spend money on paper to go in the trash. I even make pouches for the toy cars. They love them and I get to use more of my stash!

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  2. Wonderful pillowcases. I like that some of them have the white base and a fun fabric for the top cuff portion. Keeps them from being too crazy and saves a bit on the pricier fabric.


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