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TTMT #290 – jewells68 – December 11, 2018 – 3 More Down!

In which I talk about goals… achieving them and making new ones. Also show off some finished quilts and a salvage project I brought home from Project Linus.

15 thoughts on “TTMT #290 – jewells68 – December 11, 2018 – 3 More Down!

  1. WOOHOO for meeting your goal!!!! (Champagne glasses clinking! Confetti everywhere!) All three quilts look great. I’m not even going to say which is my favorite.

    As for the project nobody else wanted, It is a shame she used metallic thread, But if anybody can figure out how to make it work, it would be you!


  2. Oh, I do love those hot tomatoes. They all look fabulous, and the quiting is great. I know how excited I am that you finished them all, so I can imagine how happy you are.


  3. All the quilts look lovely. I made a quilt for my dad and i sewed the label with metallic thread, It made him crazy. I told he to tear it out. Better no label than not be used because of a 5 inch itchy square! LOL!
    What is the safety pin for? Is it a reminder of some kind???


    1. Yes, exactly. I want this to be a quilt a child can snuggle under, so I think metallic is fine for the front, but not the back of the quilt.

      The safety pin is an international symbol that shows my support to those people in my local community that are vulnerable and/or marginalized. If I am in a public place and someone there is being bullied, harassed, or otherwise made to feel unsafe, it is a symbol to them that I am safe to approach and will do what I can to help in the situation. I’m not a big strong person, only 5’2.5″ tall, but there is strength in numbers. It’s a form of resistance to hate and negativity. I try to remember to wear it every day that I leave my house.

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  4. Congratulations on reaching your goal! I think 12 quilts a year is an excellent goal. 12 times even half of the members in your group would be a ton of quilts for the kids. If those members were able to make 12 quilts a year 😉 I’m very curious to hear how many blankets your group made this year.

    I really like the blue quilt.


    1. I thought it would be good to aim for more, so that’s why my goal this year was 13, but honestly, considering I work full time and have other hobbies, I think 12 is good. I’m going to stick with 12 going forward, for now.

      I have to say the tomatoes were so weird to begin with, but I think it’s in my top 5 quilts for the year. I really love it!

      We should be close to 1000 blankets by the end of this year. I think we hit 600 or so last year, but we have grown this year, we wear name tags now to help everyone get to know each other.

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  5. Yay to hitting your goal! I think twelve is a big goal. I have to count mine but it’s not 13. It may 8 this year. Way to go!

    Omg I love S-Rex! Great find! I never find the cool stuff. I think I need better thrift stores.

    I like your HOt Tomato quilt. It’s an odd fabric for quilting but it actually turn into a cool unique quilt. Sort of a hidden treasure 😀

    Happy Crafting


    1. Yeah I think I’m going back down to 12. Even 10 would be reasonable, I do work full time after all, lol. But like aiming for an average of one per month.

      That hot tomato vest pattern was so weird, but it turned into a cute and definitely unique quilt. I *may* have brought home more fabric for another veggie quilt. This one is harvest vegetables. There’s enough yardage for the back and binding and part of the top. And possible a giant turkey panel that goes with it, lol


  6. Woo for three finishes and for your GOOOOOAL!

    I love the finish on the red, white, & blue. It looks very vintage! Hot Tomato is still one of my favorite quilt names. Hehe. Love the backs you chose, too. They are all perfect. Woo for an intact kitty! That was such a fantastic repair.

    Also, that sweater. I showed it to Miss E and she LOVES it. Ha!

    “If no one takes/wants/does/will/etc.” has gotten me in SO much trouble over the years… I am sure you can finish the hand quilted panel in no time!


    1. I swear I responded to this… anyway… It was not easy to quilt the red white and blue one without quilting over the eyelet ruffle, but I managed. I had to do some rolling up and down with the quilt.

      Yes. I am such a sucker for the “if no one else takes it” routine, lol. But this panel was cute and I hated the idea of it not going to a child that might love it. I’m still rolling around in my brain what I want to do but I have a couple of ideas.

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  7. Loving Santasaurus 😀 That’s so fun.

    Great looking quilts! That blue red one is particularly lovely, but they’re all great. You really excel and making something out of the weird and difficult half-done leftover bits type projects.


    1. Jennifer actually pieced the red, white, and blue one and then sent it home with me from our little retreat. It was interesting to quilt. I did piece the other two, though. I kind of enjoy the challenge of making someone else’s whoops or leftovers into something fun for a kid.


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