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TTMT 12-11-18: Christmas Crafting

For some reason I could not add pictures at the end of the video so I’ll add them here. Lilith approves of the stockings.

11 thoughts on “TTMT 12-11-18: Christmas Crafting

  1. Oh, the hooded towels are wonderful! And what fun stockings. And the microwave bowls are just beautiful. You had a very productive week of fun little things.

    Have a great week, and it’s very nice to see you.


      1. Thanks. As you can see, I used to be very productive and really enjoyed myself. I can’t believe I was gone for 7 years! It feels so good to be alive again.


  2. The bath towels are so sweet. My kids all loved a hooded towel as toddlers.
    You are on a nice roll with the gift making. The bowls are beautiful. Im sure they will be loved.

    Happy Crafting and I hope you are staying warm!


  3. Thanks. The great thing about making all the things is that all the fabric is from my stash. I haven’t had to buy anything, Well, anything except the towels. The only person we are spending $ on is Garrick. We are buying him few things.


  4. Everything looks so good. I want to make some of those bowls too. I am feeling the pressure to finish up. My mail out stuff has to be finished today. With all the snow everywhere, I am afraid it won’t make it in time. One thing that isn’t going to make it in time is the crochet afghan. I had to rip out a whole skein and that just put me behind.
    Love those towels!!!


  5. I would love to know more about the towels. Did you buy regular towels and then sew them into a hooded towel? Or did you purchase plain hooded towels to add the embroidery? They are adorable and would be great baby shower gifts.

    I think all your mug rugs are cute, and bowl thingies too. All the gifts are cute but also useful. I think useful gifts are the best.


  6. Oh my goodness, you have been busy! I love all of your patchwork stockings. They are so sweet (and cat approved is good, too!).

    The hooded towels are perfect! I loved those when my kiddos were babies.

    I’m gonna have to add bowl cozies to my list. Those are so cute!

    Hang in there!


  7. Those hooded towels are just adorable… perfect for your cutie pie grandbaby 😀

    The bowl cozies are really neat. Someone was posting them on Instagram last week and I was kind of embarrassed to ask what the point of them was but you’ve explained it here, haha.. i never thought of the microwave, but it makes sense!

    I love all the handmade goodies you made for everyone this year. It’s very thoughtful and I like getting things that someone has put time and effort and love into making.. makes them more special.


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