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TTMT #73 Icebergs and Hawaiian Appliques

10 thoughts on “TTMT #73 Icebergs and Hawaiian Appliques

  1. I have always loved Hawaiian appliques. I used to have one I bought there, that was just a one-block wall-hanging, but it was lost with the rest of my things. Batiks would be the only choice for me. And definitely on black. I’m going to LOVE this one.

    I have 2 UFO’s from my mom — one she started on me in 1980, when I was choosing the fabric and she was doing the handapplique, back when we had to wait for the next season’s fabrics while she sewed — and one that she was making for me. All the blocks are finished, I just need to put them together and quilt them. Hopefully in 2019.

    I would also like to get out my hand-appliqued snowman quilt and see if I could get that finished in 2019.

    Hopefully before the endof the year I can choose a few UFOs with the goal to finish in 2019 (leaving time for the new projects that always seam to fall upon me and the jelly-roll quilt I am designing for the upcoming swap.

    Great to see your projects.

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    1. I’ve been hearing from a few people that they also have UFOs from long ago.I think 2019 would be a good year to get a couple old projects done. You definitely need to leave time for new ideas. I have a list of old ideas and new that I can’t wait to get started on next year. I’ve never been a schedule follower but I’m going to try next year so I can hopefully get more done in less time 😉


  2. The blocks are so vibrant and will make up some beautiful projects for you.

    What I enjoy most about quilting is making the blocks and tops. Because of that, I probably wouldn’t want to finish someone else’s project. There is one exception. Last summer my aunt gave me a box of blocks hand-made by my Grandma Ida from scraps from my Aunt Mayme’s dresses. I gave half of the blocks to my cousin (Mayme was her grandmother so her quilt will be a part of her grandmother and great-grandmother). The fabric is polyester double knit. The blocks were made in the early 70s. That’s a quilt I do plan to finish,

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    1. I don’t mind finishing a quilt. I’ve inherited many blocks and tops over the years and have finished most of them into a quilt. I tend to stick to a certain style and color range so it’s nice to work with fabrics outside of my color spectrum. Bonus if I love the colors 😉


    1. Jewells those blocks turned into a fun quilt. I imagine you guys get some random things through your Linus group. You always do a great job turning them into a useful quilt.


  3. Those are gorgeous blocks! I can imagine maybe the person got overwhelmed by the size of the project. I don’t mind Inherited projects as long as I can figure out what’s going on. Occasionally I’ve gotten projects with no pattern or half the material is missing. I don’t enjoy figuring those out. I usually can make them into something but it’s more fun if all the parts are there or it’s just putting orphan blocks together. You should get some great mileage out of those blocks.

    I don’t love that much needle work anymore. My eyes can’t take the strain or hours on end of small work. I try to stay away from hand projects that require me looking at small details.

    Happy Crafting

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    1. It is more fun when you have most of what you need to finish a project. Sometimes I only receive random blocks but I do enjoy the challenge of getting everyone to work well together. I love handwork but a project like this will need to be worked on first thing in the morning and under good light. By the end of the day my eyes are too tired for tedious stitching like this.


  4. Well, that is going to be one BIG project! I love hand embroidery, and I love the look of needle turn, but not so much the doing of it. I’m sure if you take it one at a time, it’ll be done in no time!

    I love finishing already started projects. I call them instant quilts. 😉

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    1. Instant quilts are fun! I love a good challenge. I’m pretty positive that there will be several projects made from these blocks otherwise I know I will never finish it either.


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