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TTMT #289 – jewells68 – December 5, 2018 – Catching Up

In the midst of an early morning haze, I talk about trying to get 3 more quilts done to turn in this weekend to Project Linus, hoping to meet my 2018 goal of 13 blankets donated. Bear with me… I filmed this before 5am… because Phebe had to be at work at 4:30am and I woke up and decided to drive her since I was up. This happens at least a couple times each week. Ken and I are currently enjoying our 2nd pot of coffee, I’ve already showered, and it’s not even 6am yet! So as soon as I’m done uploading and posting I am off to piece binding!



14 thoughts on “TTMT #289 – jewells68 – December 5, 2018 – Catching Up

  1. Love all the quilts. You are so creative in putting orphan blocks together. How exciting that you are nearing you goal for the year. It’s so nice when that happens. Have a good week!


  2. I love getting up extra early and getting things done before noon but It makes for a very long day.

    It’s the end of the year rush. I love seeing the different quilts you’re working on.


  3. Yay! You are definitely going to make your goal – and doing it with a bang!!! The quilts are great. I am so glad you are able to use your new cutter already. That would be a bunch of binding to cut.

    I made up for your lack of sleep today – I got up about 1:00 pm. I slept 10 full hours last night. Very unusual for me; I usually sleep between 5 or 6.

    Enjoy the rest of your day!!!


    1. Sounds like you must have really needed it! I managed a half hour nap on my lunch break, so that helped a bit. Was exhausted last night but got one quilt bound. Two more to go!


  4. Impressive ability to communicate with only a half a cup a joe. I barely have my eyes fully open never mind speaking.

    Nice job getting those last quilts done to have 13. What an impressive number to donate in year.
    Cleaning the track and well around the carriage can help with bumps but if that doesn’t work double check that it’s level.

    Your room definitely looks roomier with the smaller frame set up. I hope you are enjoying the additional space.

    Happy Crafting!


    1. I have determined I still need to swap a couple of items for the purpose of flow, but otherwise it’s working pretty well. Of course, when I upgrade to a true midarm I will have to readjust everything again, but it will be totally worth it. Hopefully there will be less stuff in this room in general at that point.

      It’s not a bump, it’s like it gets stuck. The carriage behaves as if I am at the farthest point, like I’m running into the take up rail, but I’m nowhere near the takeup rail. So I’m not sure about that. It’s definitely something with the carriage. I checked with my level and the rails were level.

      We were up so early Ken and I managed to kill off two pots of coffee before heading to work. Don’t think I will be doing THAT again anytime soon, lol


  5. Huzzah for getting tops quilted! Basket quilt, you are almost done, woo!

    Your frame doesn’t look nearly as small as I imagined it would. I hope you the weirdness is taken care of with a bit of cleaning.

    The top I pieced was from a local Linus volunteer named Suzanne. I think she said it was from a block swap she did some time ago. I am absolutely sure she watched your post-retreat video because she commented to me about that top in particular.

    Drink all the coffee!


    1. I hope cleaning helps too. These quilts were pretty small and I am not sure how much bigger I can realistically go and actually quilt the bits at the side. Clamping will be difficult. Haha, I know you were sick of the giant basket hanging around, so I’m glad I was able to incorporate it into this quilt. It worked out pretty well! I need toswap the fabric tower with the accuquilt table and then I think this is how it’s going to be for a while. I can wheel out my cutting table when I need extra space around the table, but now I have lighting for it and I can get to my full size ironing board more easily when I need to press a quilt top or yardage. Need to replace the cutting mat, it’s about had it, but other than that the cutting station is working well.

      I *may* have had too much coffee yesterday morning. I don’t think I ever thought that was possible, but I think it might have been the case.


      1. It’ll be interesting to find out what the limits are for your quilt frame. The Linus frame is set up for small quilts and if it’s over 50″, it either goes to another quilter or gets the sides chopped off!

        I was a bit tired of that basket. Pretty sure it’s from when I first started collecting orphan blocks!!

        Too much coffee? *gasp* 😉


        1. The manual says 50″ is the maximum quilt that can be quilted on the frame. I mean, the limit is obviously based on the width of the carriage, but I certainly plan to push it as wide as humanly possible. The leaders are about 53″ I think, I would have to go check. If that’s so then the maximum quilt top is about 52″ really, if I’m not leaving much margin outside the edge of the quilt top. So far all the tops from retreat have been under 50″ so it’s been doable.

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