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TTMT 12/4/18: Christmas is Coming!

Boy, I hope nobody on my Christmas list watches my videos!!

8 thoughts on “TTMT 12/4/18: Christmas is Coming!

  1. Man you’ve been a busy bee! You’re getting so much done in time for Christmas. Super nice that are making all those personalize gifts for everyone.

    I hope you get your embroidery machine up and working again soon.


    1. I hope I can get it going too. It’s probably just a bit of thread where it shouldn’t be so I’ll clean out the bobbin case and see what happens. I really don’t want to take it to the shop because it is pretty expensive and it takes so long to get it back (over a month last time).
      I still haven’t played with embroidering on the Bernina, but I am using it for sewing and can have both machines going at the same time.


  2. Wow! You have done so much. The stockings look wonderful. I agree with you about your paper planes on the Potter block. It looks like real folded paper. I hope you get your embroidery machine working. It’s so annoying when something like that happens, Can’t wait to see how much you get done this week,


    1. This year it was a case of hand-made gifts or really cheap gifts for everyone. I’m able to clear out some of my stash and make some nice gifts for next to nothing. Plus it is fun for me (until I get stressed out with deadlines).


  3. You have been very busy this week!! Everything looks amazing. That embroidery machine seems to keep taking time off just when you need It most.


  4. Oh my goodness, I love the stockings! You are some kind of awesome Santa! The fillers are just so fun and thoughtful. ♥

    I had a similar problem with my embroidery machine. A good clean and a new needle took care of it. I hope that helps!


  5. Those stockings are so cute! And so many fun goodies you put inside. That’s really sweet of you to give those to everyone. I hope you are able to sort out your issues with the machine. You know, even if you had already just put in a new needle, sometimes they have a defect that you can’t even see. I agree with Jennifer, a really thorough cleaning and a new needle and hopefully that will do the trick,.


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