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TTMT #72 Stars & Bars Bed Runner

11 thoughts on “TTMT #72 Stars & Bars Bed Runner

  1. The shape of the bed runner and your comment about not having enough Harry Potter fabric for the back gave me an idea! What about piecing solids or tonals in a Hogwarts scarf-ish pattern? Even if you only had a few stripes, it would still be very cute. Just an idea, but now it’s in my head! Happy sewing. 🙂

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  2. Since the red white and blue is very patriotic and 4th of july-esque, maybe put another theme on the back… halloween, st patricks day, christmas… whatever, and quilt the whole thing with white thread so that it goes well on both sides?

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    1. I did suggest that to my daughter and she looked at me like I had two heads lol. She’s my picky child. I like to do that with table runners. You only use one side at a time so why not make it reversible? Less things to store each season.


  3. Oh I like Jennifer’s House Scarf idea! It came together nicely. I like the variety of shades in it.
    I tell my kids everything you need/want is fair game for Christmas presents by Dec 1!
    Toothpaste you say… stocking stuffer 😂 This will be a nice present for Christmas.

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    1. I like the house scarf idea too. Pretty brilliant. I’m right there with you about Christmas presents. When the kids were still young they hated that plan but were thrilled on Christmas morning. Now they all have jobs and live on their own. They just go buy whatever they need or want. Toothpaste lol We used to get deodorant and bar soap in our stockings each year.


  4. I am an (unofficial) EXPERT in reds! Those go very well together, which is hard to do since they don’t match on their own. You are correct that the stars bring them together. The blues are different hues also, but blues play together nicer. You know that whatever you decide to put on the back will make her happy. It looks fantastic to me.

    I’ve never made or owned a bedrunner. You’ve got me thinking…and I dont need to be thinking of new projects right now, so thank you for that (JK).

    Ornament mode sounds like a nice place to be. Have a great week.

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    1. I’m glad I have the official okay for the reds lol. Matching colors is not my strong point which is why I love scrappy quilts. If nothing goes together then they all go together is my theory 😉

      Sorry about that. It is a bad time of the year to be getting ideas. 🙂


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