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TTMT #498 – Polly Want a Costume

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12 thoughts on “TTMT #498 – Polly Want a Costume

  1. Wow, the parrot is just looking amazing so far! This is going to be epic. I miss costuming so maybe I’ll start making a few articles of clothing or modifying some from the thrift store for fun. The embroidered lace is so very pretty… so excited to see this outfit in action!


    1. I have had SO much fun on this costume. It is so freeing to just cut and sew and adjust as I go. I think I told you that I love love love making embroidered lace. It’s the first thing that made me covet an embroidery machine!


  2. Oh my it’s looking amazing! The layers of feathers is coming together exactly how one would hope! I seriously can’t wait to see this thing done.

    The stockings are sweet. Such an exciting time for her to set up her first real place. The little touches of mom around will be nice for her.


    1. I did a test wear of the parrot and oh my goodness! I want to save the final reveal for the party, but it is going to be hard to wait!!

      It’s the first year one of my kids’ home for Christmas is not my home. I feel fortunate that she wants me to make things for _her_ place. 🙂


  3. You are going to be the most magnificent parrot ever! I don’t blame your hubby for wanting to up his game after seeing what you are going to wear.

    Looks like we have both been busy making stockings. I have a couple more to make and hope to have them done tomorrow.


  4. How exciting for your daughter to be gathering her first Christmas items. I like the idea of the ribbon diving the top of the stockings like a cuff. I have my childhood stocking. It’s one of those basic fuzzy red and white stockings that everyone had back then. I’ve volunteered to make stockings for my kids but they prefer the nostalgia of their original ones from when they were young.

    Your raven mask is beautiful. Your parrot costume will be epic. Everyone will remember you.


    1. My kids are pretty sentimental about our Christmas things, too. When I offered to give my daughter her childhood stocking, she was somewhat horrified that it should ever leave my house! She’s not super into Christmas fabrics and such, hence the cute animal prints. 🙂

      I may be a *little* into this costume project. 😉


  5. So I have two daughters…one is totally into foxes and the other is into dogs. So, if those happen to disappear, I know NOTHING about anything!

    I notices as soon as I saw you that you are looking more and more like a parrot each week! Every part of the costume looks amazing. It’s coming together so beautifully!

    For your hands, Walgreens (and probably every other place in town – maybe DollarTree) has bags of those small (finger-sized) rubber bands for hair. Whip-stitching one of those on each one to go around your finger would probably be more comfortable than thread…but of course thread would work.

    I’m so happy for all your excitement for this really fun project. I am no longer in the same state as my kids, so we don’t costume right now. Keep up the fun!


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