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Ttmt #27 Done is good!

12 thoughts on “Ttmt #27 Done is good!

  1. I very much relate to your comment about not enjoying the process. Good for you for pushing and getting it done. It’s a stunning top and will go to the recipient without the dreaded baggage of process!

    The mystery quilt blocks are so sweet! It’s great that you’re feeling so good about it. I hope you keep enjoying it. 🙂


  2. I’m sorry you didn’t enjoy the process but it does look really great, and I’m sure once quilted it will be so loved whatever boy or girl receives it.

    I have done pretty good at finishing up my lingering UFOs, but I have a few still hanging on out there that I want to tackle in 2019. And fabric I bought for something specific and then decided it wasn’t working for that project. I need to make something with it or get it out of here. Let’s come up with a slogan… hmmmm… how about “wipe the slate clean in 2019!”… hmmm not sure about that. I’ll see if I can think of anything else. NO NEW QALs until I do something about these partial projects that are hanging around.


    1. Yes! I have been pretty good about finishing before I start new ones for the last few years. I don’t enjoy the new projects when I feel guilty about not finishing the old one. Sort of self inflicted misery on my part, but I do complete things for the most part. Occasionally a project is just so miserable I put it aside such as this one. It’s done and I am happy about the finish!

      We need a catchy phase for sure!


  3. My UFOs don’t sit on a shelf and stare at me anymore. I put them in a closet and just don’t open the door. Problem solved. Just as I got shoved out of quilting, I was on a mission to finish all my UFOs. My New Year’s resolution will be to always be working on a UFO (while doing something new) in 2019. We’ll see.

    I have had quilts where I didn’t enjoy the process, and if it’s one you can’t just put in the closet because of a commitment or deadline, you just have to get through it. On the up side, it looks great! It doesn’t look like one I would enjoy doing, and after finishing one of those strips I would not want to be facing the rest. This is why I enjoy the QALs/challenges and paper piecing…the blocks are not so repetitive (EXCEPT for the challenge that is KILLING me right now with 40 blocks the same).

    You do such beautiful work. Hopefully all the upcoming ones will all bring you great pleasure.


    1. Haha I don’t have a closet in the Sweatshop, I think it would be busting at them seams if I did.
      I will enjoy quilting it and be happy it’s done. I don’t mind regular strip quilts but theses were tiny skinny selvage cuts that needed to be stabilized. Just too involved for what it was. That’s ok I’m moving on!

      I get bored easily as well. It’s why I rarely make the same pattern twice. I just need to constantly be doing something different.


  4. The quilt did turn out wonderful and as you said some child will love it. Everything seems so much harder and takes so much longer when you don’t enjoy the process. It’s even worse when you’re obligated to finish it.

    You’ve been very busy this year. Your week off isn’t very far away at least.


    1. Right! I felt the guilt of not finishing it. If it had just been for me I would have scrapped it or handed it off for someone else to finish. Glad it’s done! It’s loaded on the frame and will get quilted tomorrow.

      My busy year is looking to be my busy life…the next 12 to 18 months have crazy written all over them.

      Happy Crafting!


  5. Lovely quilt that will be received with love. Sorry you didn’t enjoy the process – I have a few quilt tops unfinished because of that myself. I need to either finish them up, make a scrappy orphan block quilts with them or use them for totes and other small projects. Oooooo, I just realized what I can do with one of them.

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