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TTMT 11/27/18: No Video Today

We had a lovely Thanksgiving. The kids, Vanessa’s mom and my cousin met at Golden Corral and enjoyed the buffet and the company.  Tim’s brother came to our house later in the evening to introduce his new girlfriend.  I think she’s a keeper – very nice woman and she is a quilter!

I’ve been working on Christmas gifts and will show you my progress next week. Meanwhile here’s a picture of what I’m most thankful for this year.


6 thoughts on “TTMT 11/27/18: No Video Today

  1. Sounds like a good Thanksgiving. I am not one of those that feel you have to spend the day (or week!) cooking. To me it’s all about spending the time with those you love. We had baked pasta. 🙂

    Oh my what a little adorable bundle of happiness he is. Definitely something to be thankful for.


  2. Those cheeks. He looks like a little gentleman in his hat.

    I’ve seen several videos on YouTube where people had the buffet at Golden Corral. I agree that it’s all about the family and not cooking for days for a 20 minutes or less meal.

    We used to go to Golden Corral every Sunday with my grandparents.


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