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TTMT#77-Crafty snow day!

8 thoughts on “TTMT#77-Crafty snow day!

  1. The rug mugs are adorable. What a nice surprise to find all of those projects just waiting to be finished. I love when I find something from my early sewing days that I can finish. It’s little reminder about how far my skills have come and nice to finish things.

    Happy Snow Day Sew Day!


  2. Your mom’s wallhanging looks so good! I love all mugrugs.

    Keep the placemats! You deserve them. Keep the table topper, too! You can bind a hexagon…no problem.

    For the red/white/blue blocks, if you put sashing/binding around them one on top of the other like they are now, you could make a cute wall/door hanging.

    The snowmen are great. Sometimes I’ll start a project because I have an idea or find a new technique, with no idea of where I’m going with them.

    What a FANTASTIC day! Nothing is better for me than a whole day quiltings. Thanks so much for sharing. See you next week.


  3. Yay for a bonus day to sew!

    The quilting on the wall hanging for your mom is so nice. I really like what you did.

    The mug rugs are super sweet!

    Your productivity has inspired me. I’m in the sewing room now and am about to start sewing! ♥


  4. It’s so nice to have a surprise sewing day. I love when that happens. Snow days are few and far between here, though.
    I like your mug rugs. That’s a good idea, I might do some to give to my sales team for a “happy new year” gift.

    I took Monday off and hope I can be at least half as productive as you were on your snow day.


  5. Your mom’s wall hanging turned out beautiful. The quilting is so nice.

    Mug rugs are fun. I participated in a few swaps years ago. It’s fun to try new things especially since they are so small and quick.

    If you don’t decide to keep the placemats, they’ll be a great last minute gift when you’re running out of time.

    Binding on a hexagon shaped quilt is pretty easy.

    The snowman are awesome!! They’ll be cute wall hangings.


  6. The wall-hanging for your mom looks great — lots of narrow lines of quilting there!

    Cute mug rugs! You really found all kinds of things in that bin, didn’t you?! How fun to come back across these old projects. Those little snowmen would make lovely wall-hangings or pillows.

    You got a lot out of your snow day!


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