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TTMT #71 What Am I sleeping Under?

12 thoughts on “TTMT #71 What Am I sleeping Under?

  1. The quilt is great. Swaps can be so much fun and what a great quilt you ended up with.

    Glad you had a nice Thanksgiving with your kids. I wouldn’t hand over the good stuff yet either. I still have most of my 25 yrs old sentimental stuff. He would lose it in moves and be sad later. I’ll hand it off when he is really settled down somewhere.

    Happy Crafting!

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    1. That’s what I was thinking. I know they’re going to move a time two and I wouldn’t want them to lose their special ornaments. They won’t feel sentimental for awhile.


    1. I have a stack of blocks from other swaps still waiting their turn. The joy is in making the blocks so I don’t mind waiting a bit longer to finish them.


  2. I LOVE swaps! If youre interested in another one, I’m in! If there are less people, we could do an applique, a paper-pieced, and a traditionally pieced one each. Thanks so much for sharing.

    I have ONE finished bed-sized quilt. I have some smaller pieces. I have 42 (!!) quilt tops ready to quilt. I’m having trouble being in the same state am my long-arm quilter, and I owe a quilter for the one I have (she beautifully quilted it for me just as I was losing all the money and things I worked for all my life) so I have only had one other quilted since (baby quilt deadline) and felt guilty paying a new quilter when I still owe her. But, once I have the money to pay her I can start hiring a quilter again. And I will have money to buy a longarm in my state hopefully soon. So the only I have is my favority “finished” one. I have so many favorites that I will swap out all year once I can. I have a GREAT jack-o=lantern one. And one that is not finished yet is a HAND-appliqued snowman quilt (one for each month, including the one in a bikini on a beach and one in a deser with a cactus christmas tree). The snowmen are fleece. It’s really nice, but needs to be finished.

    Great seeing you. Have a wonderful week.

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    1. You’re a swap addict 😂. I’ve been in several swaps where we didn’t receive enough blocks for a quilt. I didn’t mind. I either made more blocks myself or combined a few swaps and made It a scrappy quilt.

      Sounds like you do need a long arm of your own. I’ve finaihed several of my tops during the year of wips I participated in 1.5 times. I got burnt out halfway through this year.

      Your snowman quilt sounds like It was a fun one to make. I make a few snowman blocks a few years ago when Bunny Hill (??) was doing their snowmen BOMs.


  3. How nice of you to decorate your kids’ tree! This year, I’m having my kiddos go through all of my ornaments so we can separate out what they want for their own. I have LOTS.

    What a fun, festive quilt to sleep under! I need to get my Christmas quilt out, too. Mine is also a swap quilt. 🙂

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    1. Swap quilts are just so much fun!

      I knew my daughter would waffle back and forth about which ornaments so I decided tot are the decision away from her. She did have a whole year to decide 😂


  4. The christmas quilt is really cute. I really wanted to make a tree skirt this year but hven’t gotten around to it yet. or to actually putting the tree up. My daughter doesn’t have a sentimental bone in her body, so I will likely hang on to our family ornaments for quite a while longer.


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