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TTMT #497 – Talking Parrots

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14 thoughts on “TTMT #497 – Talking Parrots

  1. Oh I can’t wait to see your Parrot! It sounds like such fun. The party’s at Blizzard sound like a complete blast. We have the lamest work parties ever. We go because he is one of the bosses and has to show his face. Sigh…I will live vicariously through your post 😁

    I always think of the shirt I want the day before a trip. It’s turned out cute.
    Good tip for the lettering. It’s always challenging to line up words on a shirt.

    Happy Costuming!


    1. Blizzard parties are CRAZY and the Austin office isn’t even the main one! The mothership in California has their parties at Disneyland and other amazing locations. Before working at Blizzard, the hubby skipped most Christmas parties because he just didn’t want to be there.

      I need more blank shirts to do fun things with! Using my long ruler worked great, I’ll definitely do that again if I do another similar shirt


  2. I can’t wait to see the costume. You certainly have all the right colors to work with. You and Jewels are such artists when you make costumes. It is a talent I do not have so I really appreciate seeing yours.


    1. Ha, thank you! I am so excited to be a parrot. I bought all the lace embroidery patterns I need from Urban Threads yesterday and am just waiting on my order of wash away stabilizer to show up so I can start!

      We had a lovely Thanksgiving. I cut out a long ramble about how happy it made me to have everyone here.


  3. I love fabric shopping at the thrift store for projects! Those fabrics are PERFECT for a parrot. Can’t wait to see it.

    I made an Urban Threads black masqaerade mask for my daughter a few years ago! It was really fun and she is probably still wearing it. You two are going to be sooooo cute! Again!

    Have fun with this one.


  4. This totally reminds me of my Fawkes outfit for Phoenix Rising. I’d have to go back and look at photos to be absolutely sure how I attached it to the dress… or pull it out of the closet, lol. I love the jumper as the base, but yes add some straps because then you have an additional stability point for the cape/wings and can have a wriststrap and /or a little plastic ring like people use for crochet to wear on your hang for the wings. This is going to be so amazing, I can’t wait to see it all put together! And I am looking forward to the mask too.

    Meanwhile our work party is at the casino again. *coughcough*


    1. I did think of your Fawkes when I started planning! My original plan was to find a dress but when I ran across the jumper, it was just too perfect to pass up, especially for $4! Urban Threads has a choker and wristlet that are feathers, so I’m planning to use those as my attach points. I also kept the straps and ties from the the dresses so I can add shoulder straps to the jumper. it’s so stretchy, I should have no problems pulling them off of my shoulders. I figured I’d keep it separate from the cape/wings for ease of wear and to keep the jumper from tugged on.


    2. Please share photos of your Phoenix Rising. My daughter school mascot is a Rising Phoenix and one of my boys had a Phoenix as the HS mascot at his school. My daughter in particular would love to see a costume like that.


  5. I think being a parrot is a fun idea. You found some great things at your thrift store. Because of the area that I live in we tend to only see elderly clothes at the thrift store. I’m always amazed at the creativity of those that make costumes or cosplay outfits.

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  6. I love the parrot idea, I think it’s a great idea! Very creative.

    The shirt looks great! I’ve seen a lot of people using vinyl press-on letters for things lately. Seems to be buzzing around instagram, but most of them have been on things like christmas tree balls or whatever, rather than clothing. They have a nice finish, anyway.

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