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Ttmt #26 Where I ramble about things you probably already know.

13 thoughts on “Ttmt #26 Where I ramble about things you probably already know.

  1. Imagine my flailing with happy Kermit arms. This is me waiting for my quilt!

    Oh, mystery quilt, how fun! I love your Converse fabric.

    I’ve seen the Tucker Trimmer before but I don’t own one. I’m very glad you found a tool you like!


  2. Great fabrics for the mystery quilt; the converse sneakers are so cute. Looks like you are off to a great start. I’ve never heard of the Tucker Trimmer but it looks like it would be a good tool for HSTs.
    Sorry you were sick during T’giving week. I hope you are feeling much better now.


  3. I love Converse shoes too. When I first started wearing them again about 15 years ago they were being called Chuck Taylor’s to compete with the other “Jordan” type shoes. My students were so impressed I was wearing them. HA HA! They didn’t know I’d had them when I was elementary age, too.

    Well, you’ve talked me into working on a mystery quilt. Bonnie Hunter had one start this week and I wasn’t sure I wanted to do it, but if you are, that means I can too, right? What’s one more thing to work on?!!

    Hope you get better soon.

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    1. Haha My daughter adores her converse and will be thrilled when wear the same size. She is happy mom wears them. I’m sure your students loved it!

      Anytime you need to be talked into something…just let me know lol

      I am really enjoying the mystery quilt. Practicing my less than stellar traditional piecing skills and learning new gadgets. Win-win!


  4. Hope you feel better soon! We hear a lot about Deb Tucker here because she’s from Vermont. We’ve had a couple of teachers from Studio 180 give workshops here at the guild. I know a lot of women love the tools. I love my Bloc-Loc trimmer so I haven’t purchased the Tucker Trimmer yet.

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    1. I am on the mend. Thanks

      I’m sort of living under a rock with regards to the quilting world. I hadn’t heard of her before. I M enjoying the Tucker Trimmer. I’ll have to look into the Bloc-Loc trimmer. I don’t have have a lot of rulers or gadgets. I’m interested in new ones when I see a decent amount of use for it.


  5. I did the exact same thing on my mystery medallion quilt I’m making. The designer had a “medium print” and a “large print” and my large print seems to be too big for the blocks. I’m making a lot of HST and flying geese….I finally just made paper piecing patterns and I’m more comfortable now. I hope you enjoy your mystery quilt as much as I am enjoing mine. I am thinking of making another one with this same pattern but in solids. We’ll see.

    That Tucker Trimmer looks fun. I do about the same thing with a ruler I got from my mom when she stopped quilting…it’s 8″ square and has diagonal lines both ways so you can square things up. I’m even using it on my Hocus Pocus blocks to square them up.

    Great seeing you. I hope you’re not getting sick and you have a great week.


  6. That is the main reason I signed up for the Project Linus Mystery Quilt, I knew they would be using different methods of piecing on different blocks and my traditional piecing skills are not what they could be.

    That looks like a good ruler. I have a 10.5″ square ruler that I use in a simlar fashion for stuff like that, line up the diagonal to make sure it’s centered. Good tools make it more fun!


  7. I don’t normally do mystery quilts but yours looks like fun. It’s hard for me to pick fabrics. I like hsts and hourglass blocks. I struggled until I learned how to trim them properly. The Tucker Trimmer is new to me also. I just use my regular square rulers but your new ruler looks like It simplifies the cutting which is awesome.

    I hope your cold goes away soon. Winter colds tend to linger way too long.


  8. The converse fabric is fun 😀 I’d have probably considered it a medium size print too, though those blocks so far do look pretty small! It’ll be interesting to see how it comes out.

    I’ve never heard of that Tucker Trimmer either. There’s always something new and different out there, isn’t there? I noticed someone mentioned the Bloc-Loc rulers up above and those I have used (at least for making log cabins)… I like them a lot, but I press open quite often, which defeats the purpose of a Bloc-Loc ruler (you need the double thickness of a pressed-to-the-side seam) and I don’t like that you could wind up buying a dozen different rulers for every different thing. I mean, I think most people just pick one or two that are the sizes they use most, but sometimes I can be a complete-ist about sets.

    Anyway, I hope you’re feeling better now!


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