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TTMT 11/21/18: Gobble Gobble

PS:  I didn’t mention that our family will celebrate Thanksgiving by going out to a local restaurant for dinner.

6 thoughts on “TTMT 11/21/18: Gobble Gobble

  1. The larger circle could still be ornaments… They could hang garland on the wall instead of putting up a tree to keep the cat and baby away. But they could also be sewn together at the sides and turned into a table runner. So many options! The embroidery looks great!

    You quilt is so beautiful, I bet you are so happy to have it all done and so lovely after all your hard work piecing it. And Jennifer R’s quilting is just terrific. Happy Thanksgiving!


  2. I personally don’t think an ornament can be too big.
    Your PD looks GREAT! I’m sure you’re so happy to get that finished. I was in the middle of mine when I had to stop quilting, and I am looking forward to finishing it in the new year. Jennifer Offenstein did such an AMAZING job of designing that one and walking/dragging us through the QAL. I love seeing everyone’s very different results. I was machine embroidering the names of the books on mine, and can’t really remember how much of it I had finished…but a good bit.
    Have a great week.


  3. Your POD looks wonderful. You should be so proud!!
    BTW, don’t let your son keep you from giving those large circle ornaments. I have a huge paper mâché ornament of Animal (Muppets) drumming on a present. It’s so big is hangs from the bottom of the tree and sits on the floor. I think yours would look great on the tree!


  4. I think the ornaments/coasters would be great on the wall if you wanted to hang them rather than cut them down for coasters.They’re quite pretty! The vinyl ornaments are very cute!

    Love the PoD! It looks fantastic go you putting the blocks/quilt together and go Jennifer quilting it so beautifully! Great collaboration 😀


  5. Oh, you do make me want to get my embroidery machine out right now! I love all the ornaments. FYI, I have a couple of old CDs that are made into Christmas ornaments and I love them. I suppose appropriate ornament size is a personal opinion!!

    I ADORE your PoD. You did a fantastic job on all the blocks and Jennifer did a beautiful quilting job. Adding the text in the border was a wonderful idea! ♥


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