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Too much talking…


7 thoughts on “Too much talking…

  1. *glomps* I had so much fun with you three, it was absolutely awesome! I don’t think I ever even saw that woddy looking fabric that you got the extra of but it’s beautiful. And you and Jennifer’s videos today reminded me I forgot to show off my thumbholes and my sewing machine so I will have to do that next week.

    I hope you enjoy not working this weekend! Get some crafting in… I’m going to try my best.


  2. *snort* Thumbholes is a funny a word! I’m am such a bag lady … I just can’t pass up a a good bag. I have a pile of them on the coat rack I need to go through sometime soon. My kids love it because I can always send them off with a bag to carry their things. Hence I need more bags 😁

    Beautiful fabric you picked up. I really want to get to festival one year. I had only made one quilt in my life when I lived in Houston. Going to festival never occurred to me at the time. So now I have Festival envy. Someday!

    Happy Crafting and I can’t wait to see the patterns you’ve been testing.


  3. I will listen to you ramble any time! I have missed it. That fabric! WOW! I think my favorite is the woodsy-looking piece, but it may be some of the sparkly. Anyway, it is all gorgeous!
    I’ve only seen FB2 once but sure wouldn’t mind seeing it again. Enjoy your long weekend. Can’t wait to see what you’re testing.


  4. I am so glad we were able to share you ladies having so much fun. I’m really hoping to go to Houston next year and join int he meet-up. It’s great to see you again.
    I think you should just “ramble” until you’ve told us everything and showed us everything…one minute or four hours.
    Good luck on your unbagging project! I have bags full of wonderful things I can’t find, and need to take your lead and go through some of them.
    You got a GREAT haul from your shopping. Well done!
    Hallmark movies help when I’m feeling girly…FYI.

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  5. A woman after my own heart!! You can NEVER have too many bags, totes, zipper pouches, etc. I have a ton of knitting project bags, too. I like the idea of your hat rack. I’m going to have to look into that.


  6. Ack, I am a doof! I put my magical thumbholes away and totally forgot to share!


    I am so, so glad we all got to do Houston together. It seems so surreal now… I’m ready to see you again!!

    The fabric you bought that there was quite a lot of sure would make a good bookcase… 😁


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