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TTMT#76-Mod squad

9 thoughts on “TTMT#76-Mod squad

  1. I love Paris in the Springtime
    I love Paris in the Fall….
    I love the way it looks now.
    The Christmas tumble is very nice too!
    I have always loved Norman Rockwell, layout looks very interesting.

    Happy Thanksgiving


  2. I think you got those tumbler quilts all figured out because they both looks great. And I love the floating blocks on the diagonal. Finicky I know but it finishes as a beautiful, interesting quilt. Happy Thanksgiving!


  3. You did not think outside the box on that quilt – you threw away the box! Well done you!!!
    Your Paris quilt is lovely. I love the muted colors; very calm.
    Looks like you got some very nice books and fabric too.


  4. Your tumbler finished up so nicely. Really like the out-of-the-box one…I like when all that math gets to come out. The Paris tumbler looks really good, too.
    I LOVE mugrugs! Thanks for the reminder that I should make a few of those soon.
    Sounds like you have a really good week.


  5. Jen, Changed my mind on the mug rugs for them. I scored some Outlander fabric for $2.99 yd so now I’m making pillowcases and enough for me too. 🙂


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