TTMT Video

TTMT #496 – After Party!

I find myself stuck away from my computer, so no bells and whistles in this post. Fortunately I had already edited and left my video uploading before I left home. All is well, just some minor mechanical difficulties with my car.

Have a great day!

💜 Jennifer

9 thoughts on “TTMT #496 – After Party!

  1. I like your bins behind you. I’m sure you told us before but did you machine embroidery the names on the handles? I like how neat It makes the shelves look. I’m sure I could hide a lot of things in bins. Lol


    1. Thanks! I embroidered on a coordinating fabric and then pinned the names on. I have gotten a few more bins since then and need to do some new ones. I put iron on stuff on the back, but I’m glad I tried the pins first. I’ve already swapped out a couple. I LOVE the bins because I can pull the whole thing off the shelf and dig around without causing complete chaos!


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