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TTMT#75-Go cutter crazy!

5 thoughts on “TTMT#75-Go cutter crazy!

  1. You have been having a time with your new toy! Makes me want one but I’m running out of room for new gadgets. I may put one on my Christmas list for next year. This year’s Christmas request has already been taken care of and will be picked up tomorrow!


  2. The tumblers behind you look good… I like the stripey effect too. Fun.

    I think the French tumblers are nice too. I’m wondering if maybe it’s that there’s not enough contrast? It makes it look a little flat because the only real pops are those darkest ones. I like the idea of trying to match the fabrics, though.. that could be interesting.

    Love all those leaves… I’ll be interested o see what you do with them. Years ago there was a magazine with a fall leaves quilt on the front cover that I still wish I’d bought because I loved the look so much… I think it was with leaves similar to the ones you’ve cut out (as opposed to like, maple leaf quilt blocks).


  3. I love the leaves. I miss fall.
    The french theme fabric is pretty. I was thinking maybe do a low volume tumbler quilt and use the dark tumblers as the border where they would be cut in half, causing the dark ones to frame the rest of the quilt.


  4. Ok, so I ordered my Accuquilt Go yesterday. I had been planning to get it for over a month. That was supposed to be my birthday present to myself in October, to help with all the pain I’ve been having in my left wrist from holding down the rulers. Unfortunately, my Joann store hasn’t had anything accuquilt for over a year. So no discount dies here. It’s supposed to arrive Tuesday, and I am already chomping at the bit to start cutting up my stash. one of the things I plan to buy in the future is a circle die with several different circle sizes. I think it could make a lot of different fun things.

    I love the leavs and that’s exactly what I want to do, just start cutting up my scraps so that I’ll use them!

    Love the tumbler quilts, both of them. I’m not sure how to sew that kind of block together.


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