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TTMT #69 I’m Seeing Stars

7 thoughts on “TTMT #69 I’m Seeing Stars

  1. Sounds like a productive week to me! There is a saying around here that my mother and aunts used to use, “Oh my stars and garters.” For you we should change it to, “Oh my stars and gardens.”
    I love the idea of alternating the stars blocks with rail fence blocks. I think that would be lovely.

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  2. Robin the star look awesome.
    I agree about wanting to start on the new years gifts early, then you kind of zone out about it!
    As for making the bed, I will walk around several times to get it even. My OCD is for locking up the house at night.
    My mother was a stickler for beds being made before you start your day. When i was a kid and had to be at the bus stop at 5:15 am, I would spread out under my blankets like i was making snow angels to get it even. Jump out of bed and fix any lumps. She frowned at me but technically the bed was made. Sheet underneath, not so much!. LOL!

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    1. I love your bed making story Aileen. When I was young and living with my grandparents my grandmother was also a stickler about making your bed in the morning. I still make my bed every morning partly out of habit and partly because the cats like to sleep on my bed and I don’t want all that fur on my sheets lol.


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